The Rich And Famous join Aussie rock lords this weekend

The Rich and Famous

The Rich and Famous are a three piece Gold Coast rock band fronted by Jeffrey Hoad, best known as frontman from Kings of The Sun. With four studio releases under their belt and tours with KISS, Guns N Roses, INXS and Jimmy Barnes, these guys have serious rock credentials. We fired off a few questions to Jeff ahead of the band’s appearance at Under The Southern Stars this weekend at Southport.


You’ve had a pretty illustrious history – both with Kings of The Sun and with The Rich and Famous – and toured the world with some massive rock stars. What’s the absolute highlight for you?

The Highlight so far is, Ive never fallen off stage, or caught fire ! Its always great to make a really loud noise on not be told to turn it down . We all get a Volume control in life but for that time on stage to hear your amp up loud ,everyone hitting, strumming, bashing something out it really is a highlight…whenever it happens . We were plucked from the Australian  live music circuit by an international record company taken to the USA at the start of the 80’s rock explosion and landed right in the middle of that, recorded in the best studios with greatest producers and toured the world. I think that excitement of ‘the unknown’ was the highlight more than any show or accolade


The dispute / rift with your brother is pretty well documented – do you get sick of people asking you about it? 

No its a normal response when people go in different directions, though it’s a bit like hearing about a divorce or relationship breakup, it gets pretty boring for the listener and they may wish they’d never asked, ha ha unless there is extortion or murder involved then they can see the movie – a movie would more fun really.


You have a lot of live shows under your belt. Does it get easier to prepare to go on stage and be a showman? Is it so easy now that you don’t even think about it? 

Well its easy if you don’t try or care, exciting if it still excites you and if it doesn’t …get off give someone else a shot. I love watching those clips side of stage of the climactic buildup before artists go on because there is no turning back ,you take that leap of faith then who knows .You get nervous excited and yet its all over in a short time really , break a leg is the old saying


You’re supporting Jimmy Barnes, Tex Perkins and a heap of Aussie rock talent this weekend for Under the Southern Stars. Some Gold Coasters might be seeing you for the first time? Why should they get there early to catch your set? 

Well if you don’t catch us you won’t get the whole experience and I know you want it all, We are Rich and Famous, though we can’t give you fame, we can give you money so maybe throwing a few grand into the crowd might guarantee some loyalty or potential new fans it sounds like payola but thats been going on for years in the music biz , We want to kick it off with a bang and set the mood for a great night for all so fashionably late is not an option – we rock the stage at 1.30pm so be there to catch our show – we will not disappoint.


Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the Under the Southern Stars lineup? 

I think its a great mix of acts and Aus Rock Royalty indeed as it’s been heralded and sometimes at outdoor festivals you have great moments just hearing a band in the distance or at a time you don’t expect, something connects with your your ears, though the person I’ll be really looking forward to seeing  is the barman after I finish our set .


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The Rich And Famous open proceedings at 1.30pm for Under The Southern Stars at Broadwater Parklands this weekend. Doors at 1.00pm. Ash Grunwald, Richard Clapton, Diesel, Tex Perkins, Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes keep the good times rolling until 10.00pm. Tickets still available and include free travel on Translink and G:Link services.



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