Review: Holy Holy | You Cannot Call for Love (Like a Dog)

It seems like only months ago Holy Holy broke into the musical stratosphere with their debut EP The Pacific.

They are back with a strikingly infectious brand new single You Cannot Call For Love (Like A Dog) and it’s getting some very well deserved attention and airplay.

Appropriately named Aussie band Holy Holy is made up of Brisbane’s award wining songwriter and guitarist Timothy Carroll, Melbourne based Oscar Dawson (Dukes of Windsor and Ali Barter), Ryan Strathie and Graham Ritchie as well as number of special guests.

If you haven’t already fallen for their velvety psychedelic sounds then this single is just the remedy to get you going. Enriched with HH’s definitive 80’s guitar grooves, warm like honey vocals and electrifying drumbeats this track is setting the bar for Australian rock music.

In typical Holy Holy styles it features a very bold yet captivating guitar solo as well as luscious harmonies and melodic bass lines, which generate all the right feels.

Listen | You Cannot Call for Love (Like a Dog):

Their method and delivery has a sincere familiar feel, it’s like finding a comfortable space between Pink Floyd’s stylistic sounds, Neil Young’s lyrical repertoire and Townes van Zandt’s country attitude.

This track flows dynamically between Tim’s soothing vocal tones and into heart grasping rhythms and rocking emotive chills. The quality of this recording is fantastic and is as close to a live performance as you can possibly get.

This sensual new track will lift your spirit and make you want to dance, all the while taking you on that wild roller coaster ride that love so often does. Turn this one up loud, close your eyes and let the journey take hold.

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