Review: Hits | Hikikomori

After seeing Hits support The Scientists, creating a heap of buzz, I was excited to see what their new LP Hikikomori would sound like.The best description, besides kick arse, is to take some bands, say New Christs, Cosmic Psychos, Died Pretty, Stooges, Sonic Youth and some of your other favourites, put them in a blender, sprinkle some magic spice from producer and Radio Birdman front man Rob Younger over the top, and call it a rock ‘n’ roll smoothie for your ears.

The twin guitar attack of rocking gals Tamara Dawn Bell and Stacey Coleman is a great combination. Bell can not only slice out some searing riffs, like in their cover of Joy Divisions’ Shadow Play(the best cover version of this song ever), but can also produce subtle touches that flow and intertwine in The Church Song. Coleman is the perfect foil; great rhythm and eloquent riffs that make a sound that fits like a rock ‘n’ roll glove.

But that’s not all. They also have a great drum/bass combo that, like a V8 engine, drives the whole sound; pumping, driving and making you move. Bass player Andy Buchanan drives that sound and drummer Gregor “Samoa” Mulvey pumps the beat and has some amazing fills. Check out Jesus F Christand Bullet Train.

Last but not least are the laconic and wild vocals from “Evil” Dick Richards, he makes you believe his words in the style of Iggy Pop and Ron Peno of Died Pretty. He gives his all with the girls backing vocals giving the perfect combo. A real front man who can make you laugh as well like in Drink Too Muchand G-Banger.

A great album that will stand the test of time.

Hits support Hard-ons at Cooly Hotel 20 June.

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