REVIEW: Circa Waves | Stuck in my Teeth

The undeniable charm of the British boy band is instantly recognisable in this track: within the first 15 seconds of their intro I can taste The Wombats and The Kooks. Delicious.

The high tempo count-ins and lightly distorted harmonics go beyond the clean cut English schoolboy jams and their Liverpool heritage comes through, scruffy hair and all.

Their age is a giveaway when observing their lyrical qualities. Angst of being “a little too young with not enough time”, not looking to prove themselves to anyone and generally misunderstood by the adult population. It’s a token relatable track that you can sing along to and think to yourself, “These guys just  get me.”

If anything, the vague misgivings of youth and their boyish qualities make for a light and cute-as-a-button catchy tune. This 5-lad outfit is still growing into their guitars, but I anticipate their rebellious stage will be nothing short of wicked.

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