REVIEW: 52 Espresso – in Nobby’s burgeoning foodie haven

3/2221 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach

Nobby’s Beach has become a burgeoning foodie haven over the past couple of years with many new and established venues being so hugely popular that locals and tourists flock back time and time again to sample the awesomeness.

Nestled along the popular Nobby’s strip, 52 Espresso has gained a fervent following in its four years of service, no mean feat when you consider the amount of excellent restaurants and café’s that call Nobby’s Beach home. Perhaps it is the sunny position, the ample seating, diverse menu or the exceptional customer service you experience when you are welcomed like family into the quaint café.

Laid back vibes emit from 52 Espresso as Botero beans coffees are made on a La Marzocco machine. The house coffee is the Brass blend, which makes for a big, caramel flavoured milk coffee, almost like drinking a Caramello Koala in liquid form, amazing! Sampling the Brass beans in an espresso and long black the more spicy flavours of the blend come through the earthy aroma of the coffee, with the espresso having hints of dark chocolate.

52 Espresso change their single origins fortnightly and during my visit the Bali Shinzan ‘God Mountain’ was on offer. A delightful aroma of roasted corn welcomed me as I tried an espresso and long black of the beans. Each coffee was tangy with a sour cherries flavour with the espresso having a fantastic jammy mouthfeel.

Tamara, one of the friendly servers at 52 Espresso, reported that coffee is their speciality with customers flocking back for their best-selling Almond milk latte as they pronounce it to be the best on the Coast. Definitely one to try then if you prefer an almond milk coffee.

52 Espresso is open every day from 6.00am to 3.00pm and offers scrumptious food options to pair with a delicious coffee or two.

Catherine Coburn

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