Reports Tivoli Theatre over-run by Gangsters

The Tivoli will turn into Brisbane’s biggest fancy dress party next month when the Gangsters’ Ball comes to town for its sixth year.

While it’s pitched as a show, it’s something entirely different, with all those entering the venue taken back to a faithful recreation of a 1930’s style Speakeasy Club.

Graham Coupland who first launched the concept seven years ago in Sydney says walking into the Tivoli and seeing 1000 people dressed for the occasion is something else.

“They go crazy,” he said. “Every single attendee is in fancy dress. If you’re not, I’ll refund your ticket price at the door.”

There’s flappers, molls, mobsters, Hollywood glamour, gangsters, burlesque dancers and more. We’re talking about an era where men wore three-piece suits with fedora hats and silk ties. And of course for the ladies, there were feathers, furs and pill-box hats.

“It’s probably the biggest fancy dress party in Australia,” Graham said.

It seems like a far cry from where Graham started – booking burlesque acts to entertain the crowd between the sets his swing band The Velvet Set were playing in Sydney. Before long he was selling out smaller club rooms and so the Gangsters Ball was born.

Last year saw the three-city event sell out. And this year looks the same with 700 of the 1000 tickets already gone.

“If anyone’s thinking of coming, they better pull their finger out and snap up a ticket pronto,” Graham told Blank GC.

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The Gangsters Ball takes place at The Tivoli, Saturday 20 September.

Tickets through Ticketmaster





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