Regurgitator + The Stress of Leisure + Glitoris: Live review and gallery | Kingscliff Hotel | Friday 24 August, 2018

To preface this review, I have not been to the Kingscliff Hotel since it was the old pub with the little bottleshop off the bar. My, how things have changed! The fitout of this hotel is incredible, and I found it to be one of the coolest, most relaxed and comfortable venues I have been to in a long time. This – like all events at the Kingscliff Hotel – was sold out long before the night, yet with a full house it was still comfortable, easy to get a drink and to get around. The bands played in the beergarden towards the bar, and it was a bit chilly outside in the middle of winter, but the music soon warmed things up. I want to see more bands at this venue, and the coming gig guide looks amazing.

First up were those catsuit-wearing punk chicks from Canberra, Glitoris. These chicks rock. They have talent and style and a ‘get f***ked’ attitude. Guitar riffs harmonised with vocals, they all sing and all play, and all throw some attitude to the audience. They have personality in bucketloads. The apologised on behalf of Canberra for the politicians, then went into their song ‘Trump Card (We’re gonna build a wall)’. The area in front of the band was deserted at the start, but by halfway through the set they had won over the crowd and were rocking the house. They wrapped up the set and stood with one fist raised above their head, chanting ‘Slut Power’. Check out Glitoris if you get a chance – highly entertaining and a great band.

Up next was The Stress of Leisure. These guys are a funky pop out fit from Brisbane with keyboards, bass, guitar and drums, wearing similar outfits with neckerchiefs. They had the crowd bouncing a little at first but didn’t quite have the allure of Glitoris.

When the lads from Regurgitator hit the stage, the whole crowd closed in on the stage and were ready to go. They started off with some of their old stuff (Better than their New stuff haha – played that later), but ‘I Sucked a Lot of…..’ was the first song, and then they moved to ‘Nudist’ and some other classic hardcore Regurgitator tracks. The beauty of this band is, like the name, they throw up all styles, so they had hip hop numbers, tracks from the new album ‘HEADROXX’ which were pretty cool and then really funked it up with all their hits from so many albums.

The dance floor area was going off from pogo jumping to funk dancing, head banging to swaying. They covered every genre with their own music and everyone was frothing on it. They wrapped up with a three song encore, taking it right to the venue’s limited gig time of 10.00pm, finishing with the classic ‘The Song Formally Known As’, so everybody had their feel good groove on. Cheeky as ever, before they said goodbye, they did a few bars of the YES classic ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ for those after a last minute hook up… Maybe not everyone got it.

I was home by 11.00pm, after a great gig, and I will 100% be back to the Kingscliff Hotel to see more bands. The line up of bands coming is awesome, and the pizzas and service are great! Just don’t dance on the wooden platform, it’s not a podium…

IMAGES (c) Sam Gilmore Photography

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