Rae Leigh and Beckah Amani share new tunes live at HOTA

HOTA has been helping both artists and music lovers alike during the socially-distanced 2020 times with their continued support of the local live music scene and some clever programming. Two of the Gold Coast artists who are being given the chance to showcase their significant talents this month include Beckah Amani and Rae Leigh. See the show details below:

RAE LEIGH | HOTA BASEMENT | 27 November | Tickets here

Singer/songwriter, Rae Leigh, is inviting people to celebrate the release of her new single ‘Find A Better Day’ with her on 27 November. The passionate singer shares her messages of self-love and positivity through her music. Rae talks about the meaning and inspiration behind her new single ‘Find A Better Day’.

“It is this expression of how, in that moment my mental health was in a bad spot, my sense of power was completely lost and all I felt all I had to keep me going was the music and this song, a promise to myself that I will keep going, I’ll continue to keeping hoping with the promise and belief that one day I will ‘find a better day’” Rae said.

She expresses her excitement for her upcoming performance with HOTA and the opportunity to perform her music for an audience.

“I remember visiting HOTA for the first time and thinking how much I would love for the opportunity to be able to perform in such an amazing location. This show is all about being able to share and connect with others through the power of music, something I have been working towards what feels like my whole life. I’m so humbled to have this opportunity to celebrate music and connect with others using the gifts I have been given. I’m looking forward to presenting the best of what I have to offer with my heart wide open at the show next Friday evening.”

BECKAH AMANI | HOTA LAKESIDE ROOM | 28 November | Tickets here

Beckah Amani is a local Gold Coast artist with music that draws influence from genres such as soul, folk, pop and R’N’B. After releasing her single ‘STANDARDS’ earlier this year, Beckah will be appearing in support of Sahara Beck at HOTA on 28 November, where she will also share her just-released single ‘Stranger’ (out 27 November). Beckah talks about the track.

“The double conundrum is the realisation that although the relationship didn’t work out, the heartache is worth it because it gets us closer to knowing who we are, what we want and finding the person who it was meant to work out with.”

Beckah also shares her eagerness for her performance with HOTA.

“Excited and over the moon to be playing live music again! So stoked to finally be playing new music that I’ve been working on in iso with my band to non-virtual faces.”

To find more info about HOTA and upcoming shows visit here.




Amaya Coburn

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