Radolescent: Blokes You Can Trust

The last few times we chatted with local three piece garage-punkers Radolescent, they’d just dropped a pair of smashing singles by the name of ‘Drug Fiend’ and ‘The Ballad Of Lynn Howl’. The past 12 months has proved to be all-action for the band; in addition to releasing these new tracks (plus a handful of other, equally impressive numbers), they toured aplenty down the East Coast as well as smashing it up at their favourite local haunts, while also working on the material that would constitute their debut long player, ‘Prehab’.

And for their growing fan base the wait is officially over, with ‘Prehab’ seeing the light of day on 31 May. It’s an impressive musical statement that is sure to further raise the bands profile. In addition to reviewing the album in this month’s issue, we also had an enlightening chat with ‘Rads’ bassist, Lachlan Barker.

The last time we featured you guys, you’d just dropped the ‘Drug Fiend’ single, working with Mark Duckworth and Brad Hosking at Blind Boy Studios. Did the rest of the tracks for the new album come from these sessions?

Yeah, all the songs were recorded under the watchful eye of Brad and Duck! All local to the Gold Coast, which is something we’re really psyched about. It would have been hard to record this album anywhere else. And of course we are pumped with how it all worked out. The album is varied and a little wild with its ups and downs. We really wanted to create a sense of off-axis craziness that the band tries to live its life by. Mark really understood that we operate in abstract ways and was all about channelling this into an album that was not only honest and unique but concise enough to make sense to the broader public, which is not an easy task.

 You’re now a four piece, having bolstered your ranks with the addition of Kerrod Chant on lead guitar. How did this come about? And what sort of dynamic has he brought to the band, both in sound and in personality/vibe?

Yeah we have brought our long-time mate carrot or the rod daddy (depending how you know him) into the band. He is a completely unique wild man who just doesn’t give a shit and can play the guitar unbelievably well. We always wanted a second guitarist and he is just a natural fit. He is self-taught and doesn’t even know what a note is, but that makes him perfect for this rag-tag team we’ve assembled. He has made us sound ten times better and doesn’t mind sleeping in the van with us on the road, so the transition was very smooth. We sing for, and about, our mates and to have another one in the band is what we are all about. He talks a lot and we don’t know what he’s saying half the time but the confused look on the faces of other bands when he gets rolling makes it all worthwhile.

You’ve recently concluded an epic run of live shows, including a couple back to back on the same night! How did you manage to pull this off?

The short answer is WE LOVE THIS SHIT. Free beer and loud music is what we signed up for. We will play anywhere and anytime, from kids’ birthday parties all the way through to retirement parties. Give us a carton and no restrictions and we will show up and be psyched. Guttermouth were just fucking legends and the shows lived up to the hype. We love them, their fans and would drink with any of them any day of the week. Plus, we’d never say no to the Shark Bar’s last show, we owe that place a lot! RIP baby we will miss you. And a special thanks to the GMCA for putting us on, it was a brave choice and it was the best dressed crowd we will ever play to.

How did that Guttermouth support slot go for you guys – I’m guessing it was probably a pretty wild tour!?

It was epic! The fans were so loyal to the band and were so wild, but loving. Playing to a hundred plus drunk as hell men and women on the Brisbane river was unbelievable – singing countless obscenities while onlookers at restaurants enjoyed their Sunday and tried to wrap their heads around what the hell they were looking at. We are grateful to Guttermouth, Wolfpack and Damaged for letting us be a part of the weirdos. It was the most epic run of shows we have done so far.

How’s the rest of 2019 shaping up in the world of Radolescent?

Who knows! We are going on tour and then planning to get back and record again. There’s pubs to be kicked out of, beers to drink and general debauchery to take part in. We have grown a lot and are ready to go back to record again and see what madness comes out of it. But we are just psyched about anytime we get to play and meet new people. This is by far the most fun we have had in the years we have done this and we are excited to see how far four misfits from the silicone city can get. Hopefully we can offend some parents along the way and inspire their kids to let a little punk rock into their hearts. Trust us kids do it, you’ll fucking love it!

‘Prehab’, the debut album by Radolescent, is available for your listening pleasure now.


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