Pregnancy, Childbirth, Early Learning and Business

So, I’m a middle-aged business man. Most of my mates are business men. Its numbers, facts and strategy. Hardcore. It 90% of my conversations each day. It’s what I breathe. So, I must say I find it very curious to be writing an article for a music, arts and lifestyle website on the topic of pregnancy, childbirth and early learning! What on earth am I doing?

But no, I’m not going to offer advice or opinion. I promise.

I am very blessed in my career in that I get to meet and converse with all manner of business people, hearing and being inspired by real passions, learning and growing from these interactions as a person and a professional. Every now and then though, I come across a person and business whose authentic vision and passion captivates me, they make me rethink business. These are the stories I believe need to be shared. Sara Hoeg-Staun at Teepee Learning ( is one such business woman.

Sara has created and now sells a range of products intended to inspire and build confidence in women through pregnancy and early motherhood. From her experiences as a Mum she also provides positive early learning experiences for children, inspiring us parents to raise them in a healthier environment. It’s not what she does that captivated me though, it’s how she started and how she goes about her business.

In chatting to Sara, I’ve come to understand there is a beautiful story behind each of her products, a story that’s come from real personal and intimate experiences and a deep-felt desire to support mums through pregnancy and early motherhood. Her first product, her “Healthy Flashcards” for early learning teach our toddlers their A B Cs while also inspiring kids about fruit and vegies, matching them back to the A B Cs. A vegetarian at the time and in love with motherhood, healthy living, and photography, Sara spent more than a year visiting farmer’s markets, farms, researching fresh produce and personally taking the photos to produce this card pack. And I get why it would take so long – I mean, can you find a vegetable that starts with an I, X or U? Each card is completed with healthy, vegan friendly recipes on the reverse, giving real ideas for our children to start thinking about healthy food.

She spent more than 12 months, deeply invested in positivity and a mother’s love to produce a product she’d originally just wanted her own children to use. It’s quite special. And now it’s here for all our new-Mums and their kids to enjoy.

Sara recently shared with me the story behind her Pregnancy Affirmation cards. Her first pregnancy was difficult. Beyond difficult, it became quite traumatic for her and so, having become pregnant again with her second child, she was walking in absolute fear, dreading the coming birth. Her Doula at the time gave her a single affirmation which she put up in the bathroom and read every day. It was this affirmation that saw her through her pregnancy and with strength and love, through the birth of her second son, Vander. The affirmation was:

Stay Present, Fear Does Not Exist Here

This affirmation helped Sara so much in getting to and through Vander’s birth that she realised how important it was to share this with all women expecting a child. And so, seeded from this deep personal experience, her beautifully illustrated pregnancy affirmation deck was crafted.

Having observed some of Sara’s content on Instagram, I recently asked her about her process. “I want everything to be slow” she explained to me. “I am just so grateful and surprised when people want what I’ve made and put so much love into, that I want to make sure I send them on their way fully surrounded by these intentions.”. So, she still hand sews the fabric pouches for the flashcards herself, including the label, when it would be so much more economical and easy to mass package them. She then walks her parcels to the post office holding that gratitude and love and projecting those intentions on her parcels, before sending them onto the waiting Mums-To-Be and Mums.

The reason talking to Sara has inspired me so much I think is that by and large, we all got into business simply to help someone. Yet at some point, business becomes business and we start to focus on that part of it. Something is lost. Yet here is someone that still puts the intention she wants for her clients into every single stage of her business, without fail. Despite the fact that maybe business would be easier, cheaper, more profitable if she did it differently, doing so would take away from the “help” she wants to give, diminishing her end product. Even still, when this diminishing only happens in an energetic way, or in a way no-one else would even know about, in her heart it would make a difference to her. So, she just doesn’t do it. And as such, the Mums who buy into Sara and what she offers, get the very best of her, every single time.

Wow, what a world we’d have if every business was run this way.


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