Phil Barlow And The Wolf | The Awakening

The Awakening is a roots and blues album from Brisbane x Gold Coast band Phil Barlow and The Wolf, loads of gutsy, hard rocking tracks full of groove and funk.

A ten-track album following the band’s debut Phoenix Rising released back in 2012, Phil and the band have come back with the perfect mixture of blues and rock for your ears.

Each track is full of passion and a fantastic combination of instruments, epic guitar riffs, brass instruments and the howling voice of Phil Barlow. The album consists of groovy blues tracks like tracks Hit The Road, Off My Lips and Someone To Love, hip shaking ultimate boogie tunes, electric guitars, trumpets and soulful lyrics.

I can just imagine myself at a festival kicking up dust dancing to these guys, no wonder I hear such great reviews of the band’s live shows. And then you’ve got your ultimate rock tracks, I really enjoy Phil Barlow’s voice, it harks back to the late 70’s rock where voices were full of passion and haste. Bold Eagle, Heave and I’ll Howl You Babe are some of the more ballsy rock tracks off the album, any mood you’re in, this album can cater for it.

The opening track off the album Faith or Free has gained a very positive review being released prior to the album back in September 2014 leaving you with wanting more. Faith or Free sets up the rest of the album and creates much anticipation for the other nine tracks, and I love the sneaky double bass on the track soothing souls as soon as it kicks in. Something Phil Barlow does extremely well is building up tracks with the strategic selection of instruments on each song, he knows where to incorporate the trumpet and where the unforgettable electric guitar riff kicks in. You can hear the passion the band has for what they do, producing damn good tunes leaving you feeling fulfilled and on ultimate stoke level.

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