Humans of the Gold Coast

Gold Coast local Pearce Brennan was one of seven photographers across the country recently involved in a poignant national portrait series by ride share service DiDi.

Photographers across the country were tasked to capture the things Australian people are looking forward to as we continue to recover from the pandemic.

Recently the series was launched and exhibited with public projection in the Sydney CBD.

In a Humans of NY-inspired shoot, the portraits humanise and tribute the hardships of the restrictions while offering an optimistic outlook on the things we used to take for granted and can now collectively look forward to.

Dancing with strangers, less stress, introducing newborns to relatives, planning life with confidence and without fear of cancellation, feeling safer at work, jet setting, festivals and more simple things like no QR codes were some of the responses in the series.

We shot a few questions over to Pearce about his experience on the project. 

Tell us about your connection to the Gold Coast. 

I was born on the Gold Coast and have lived here all my life. I love it here. It has everything from the beaches to the hinterland, and entertainment.

Since COVID I have felt even more blessed to not only live in the Gold Coast but also Australia. We’ve been very lucky with the level of freedom we have experienced in relation to restrictions and this content series by DiDi made me proud of the resilience we have all shown during this time.

As a local it was an honour to be involved in DiDi’s content series and capture the faces and sentiment of my hometown.

How did you choose your subjects? 

As this was a national campaign capturing everyday Australians it was really important to both DiDi and myself to capture diversity. I looked for diversity in my subjects across all things including age, ethnicity, gender.

As to be expected not everyone I approached was keen to be involved but it was amazing to have so many who were. Many of my subjects sparked from random conversations which reminded me of the power of connection.

Did any of the stories particularly resonate with you? 

I thoroughly enjoyed discussing and hearing about what ordinary Australians are looking forward to as we continue to move towards less restricted world. This DiDi campaign allowed me to connect with strangers and reinforced that COVID impacted and was tough for all. While it might have affected us all differently it was still a collective experience but the Aussie’s in-it-together spirit was uplifting to witness and capture.

A common theme was looking forward to travelling overseas again for greater opportunities, to be reunited with family or simply longing to explore the world. A lot of my subjects had relatives or friends based internationally and the uncertainty of when borders will open again continues to be a hardship many face.

You can check out Pearce’s pics over on Insta @pearcebrennan.jpg


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