Parkway Drive + Polaris + Deadlights: Live review and gallery | The Tivoli | January 15, 2018

‘Horizons’. What more needs to said about an album that defined a whole genre? Crushing riffs, breakneck drums and some of the most brutal lyrics written this generation. It has it all.

The album thrust the Byron Bay locals Parkway Drive into the spotlight and they have remained there for the past 10 years, delivering blow after blow of soul devouring hardcore epicness. Kicking arse is their business, and business is phenomenal.

Leading the charge tonight is a bevy of talent. Deadlights and Polaris have every right to hold their spots on this tour, giving every bit of energy to build the crowd up for Parkway. Polaris have command of the crowd throughout their whole set. Drumming up one of the best walls of death the Tiv has ever seen, the boys smash expectations and show what Sydney’s best have to offer.

There’s something about a Parkway gig that just gets people completely fired up. Whether it’s the tight instrumentals or Winston McCall’s bone crunching vocals, Parkway know how to bring a crowd to absolute fever pitch. ‘Horizons’ isn’t just a defining album, it tells a story. A story of humble beginnings through to a band that has commanded stages and headlined festivals worldwide. It seems Australia’s chief export is metal and not the mined variety.

Song after song of this epic album is unleashed as Winston and the lads give every little bit to the crowd and then some. The crowd erupts as the opening riff of ‘Carrion’ is trumpeted. Bringing all the crowd favourites with a career spanning setlist, Parkway Drive knows how to keep their fans happy. With songs mixed into their set from ‘Atlas’ and the most recent album ‘Ire’, there seems to be no stopping this juggernaut from Byron Bay. ‘Idols and Anchors’ gives us the chance to flex our own vocal chords and give our energy back to the boys.

Leaving the stage from a three night sold out Brisbane slugfest. The lads re-emerge to give us an encore of giant proportions, delving into ‘Crushed’ and ‘Bottom Feeder’ to close out the show. If this is what A Decade of Horizons is like, I for one can’t wait to see what the 10 years of Ire tour has to offer.

IMAGES (c) JD Garrahy

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