#NOCURFEW for the Gold Coast

 Walking onto the Surfers Paradise Foreshore for the No Curfew rally I, admittedly, was expecting your typical protest rally with clever, yet cheesy, chanting, megaphones and big signs with witty remarks toward our Government. Alas, my ideology was instead replaced with a roomy tent placed in Surfers Paradise beach with plenty of seating and a stage. Foiled again by American TV.

This didn’t stop me, however, from taking notes and sitting up straight. Something a little different from your typical Saturday night on the Gold Coast. Yet that was whole point of tonight’s rally – to showcase the Gold Coast nightlife community’s frustration and negligence toward the impending lockout laws looming over Queensland.

Simply put, the Labor Government wants to ban serving high alcohol content drinks (shots, cocktails and straight drinks) after midnight, introduce a lock-out where you can’t enter a venue after 1am, and mandate a 3am shut-down where every venue has to close for the night, ejecting all the remaining patrons onto the streets.


No Curfew’s purpose is to ensure that the majority of late night revellers that abide by the law have their voice heard.


With a flurry of special guests – including solo performances from Von Villain’s Jack Field, Jimmy The Saint And The Sinners’ James Turner and Yes Sir Noceur’s Marc Cowie – as well as John Paul Langbroek and sister Kate Langbroek among other official Queensland and Gold Coast voices to voice their dissatisfaction with the lockout laws.

The Gold Coast music scene has been hit enough with regulations and laws which do nothing to help us build momentum . Let’s not ruin what’s left of it by forcing punters and musicians out on the streets by 3am.

You can help by signing their petition at nocurfew.org.


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