Nightquarter Fashion Precinct: The Porcelain Tree

We’d like to shine a spotlight on the humming Fashion Precinct at Nightquarter, by catching up with a few local Gold Coast fashion designers who exhibit their wares there. Today we look at The Porcelain Tree.

Tell us about The Porcelain Tree and the motivation behind your label:

The Porcelain Tree was just a dream while working at Ted Baker Head office & collecting antiques when living in London. My husband and I moved back to QLD we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do for work. So once our container of collectables arrived we chose a to build the brand through a couple of select markets on GC, Brisbane and Toowoomba. Its only been recently that I have seriously thought about the clothes I want to wear and what’s missing in the market for people like me.

Who is behind the label and what is involved in the process of the designs?

I have over 20 years fashion experience and the next chapter is build my clothing range while at Night Quarter. Designing, well its basically me, Nicole Corr, I recently turned 40 and a brand new mummy. I’m passionate about quality, well made, classic sexy styling, that fit well. I’m designing my range to fit up size 24 and always on the look out for interesting fabrics. I value feedback from my family and colleges at my fashion teaching job.

Who wears your label?

I’m designing for women like myself….. mums, professionals, and holiday makers. People of my generation want real clothes, they want to feel and look good even if they are carrying a bit of weight. We all have something fabulous too offer. Smart is the new sexy is my current design inspiration.

We are fans of the up-cycle, reuse, re-invent style trend at Blank, What is your take on this?

We love this too at TPT. With my fashion teaching job during the week, I am always on the look out for how to improve this for our market here in Brisbane & Gold Coast. I’m looking out for Australian grown & made fabrics. Very exciting. I have a collection of clothing patterns in store for budding designers to surround themselves in idea. My husband Noel, is also very creative in this area. He up-cycles a lot of our hand made furniture pieces at TPT. We have a lovely collection of antique & vintages pieces of furniture and collectables from UK and Australia. I’m currently conducting shoe making workshops at the Ormeau Community Centre and potentially at NQ. Encouraging people to learn the skills to develop their own style and reuse things they have home.

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