Nightquarter Fashion Precinct: The Gypsy and The Officer

We’d like to shine a spotlight on the humming Fashion Precinct at Nightquarter, by catching up with a few local Gold Coast fashion designers who exhibit their wares there. Today we look at The Gypsy and the Officer.


What’s the motivation behind your label?

The motivation behind our label is two fold. We want to give women an opportunity to express themselves through the clothes and accessories they wear. Not to follow fashion but to create their own style in pursuit of a positive self image. We see young women more and more often trying to conform to a stereotype that is dictated to by so called fashion. We also strive to source products from artisans around the world keeping age old traditions alive. Likewise one of our clothing lines is purely made from recycled fabrics and old vintage clothing making it 100% sustainable. Something close to our hearts in a world dominated by fast fashion.

Who is behind the label and what is involved in the process of the designs?

The label is owned by myself, Caz originating from Scotland and living on the GC and Brony from Yeppoon. Caz hand draws designs here in Australia for their new line of clothing which is due to launch early this year and Bron is the creative genius behind our one hit wonders range. She literally designs straight onto fabric and does not use patterns but instead relies on be materials she finds and sources to provide inspiration and uniqueness.

Who wears your label?

It might sound like a cliche but we literally have women aged 18-80 buying our clothing. Some like the one off pieces and others like the more classic look. Either way we try to provide pieces of style and not follow the paths of fashion which allows everyone to pinpoint a piece they love!!! I have to say our new line is very bohemian with lots of prints and tassels and long lines and that is because at heart both Bron and I are true gypsy souls!!

What is the must-have item this summer?

The bralette for younger women. I say dare to bare for those that feel they want to be proud of your body!!! For those like myself who would prefer not to bare all – I would definitely go with one of our lace maxi dresses or beach kaftans. Loose, comfortable and you can pretend you are on a permanent cruise.

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