Live Review: Falls Festival, Byron Bay, Sat 31 December 2016

One of the biggest days of the year was here and what better way to spend it than in lovely Byron Bay surrounded by 20,000 of your mates, listening to some of the most internationally renowned and talented musical acts in the world. Yep, that’s right folks, Falls Festival was upon us once again and with high spirits and even higher temperatures, it was time to ring in 2017.

Northeast Party House was the first act of the day and and from all the way up the top of the famous Byron Parklands hill, you could feel the energy of the crowd and you could tell they were loving every second of it. Their infectious beats and brilliant front man getting even the most stiff and awkward groovers into the music.

Next up was Mallrat who, up until last year, was just a simple Brisbane girl until she released her single ‘Suicide Blonde’ which sent her straight to the top of Hype Machine and now has her playing major festivals all around Australia. I was keen to see if she was an over night success and if she was going to pull something that even resembled a crowd but I was pleasantly surprised when the amphitheatres mosh pit was filling with people of all ages and leaving me happy that she has such a dedicated fan base. Her songs are new age and her style is so eclectic that it’s no wonder she’s pulling her way up the ranks and into the big league.

After sweating my way through the first half of the day, I decided to sweat some more and head down into the mosh pit in await for Broods, one of my favourite artists since I discovered them at Splendour in the Grass in 2014. While already in love with them after their mind blowing performance two years ago, I though it was going to be pretty hard to top but obviously those two years have not gone amiss and they exceeded my expectations once again. With a few more band members and a new album to add into the mix their dynamic and high-powered show was loved by an amphitheatre full of people to the duos surprise. While their talent is astronomic, it’s their love and compassion that makes them such an awesome band, that delivers night after night.

After jiving for way too long, I decided to sacrifice seeing Grandmaster Flash for a water and food top up at my tent, but I could hear the crowd going wild for him all the way over the other side of the festival and knew without even being there that it was a fantastic show.

Gambino was probably one of the most anticipated acts for the Byron Bay festival and he more than delivered with one of the most high energy and electric acts of the night. He certainly knew how to keep the crowd happy playing favourites such as ‘3005’ and ‘Sober’ from his debut album ‘Because the Internet,’ while mixing in newbies from his latest album ‘Redbone’. With his incredible band by his side and dance moves that would make jagger envious, he delivered an amazing show that started the New Year off on a fantastic note.

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IMAGE (C) Charlie Hardy

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