New music premiere: Michael McCartney releases debut solo EP ‘Taxi’

Following the successful debut of his first single ‘Too Long’ last month, Michael McCartney has returned today with the release of his debut EP ‘Taxi’,  and single ‘Taxi (With A Light On)’.

Although this is his first offering as a solo artist, Michael has long been on the Gold Coast music scene, performing in both original and house bands for some of Australia’s top acts and running music programs for the Youth Music Venture.

It took a while for him to step out from behind the curtain and offer his solo work up to the world.

“I’d written and recorded such a large body of work that it covered a pretty broad genre base – enough to not know how to release, or which foot to put forward first,” he explained. “I may have released a few years ago had I had clearer direction!

“Five-year-ago-Michael would be disappointed it’s taken this long, but I also think things unfold as they should, and the timing feels right.”

Lead single ‘Taxi (With A Light On)’ is mixed by none other than Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, Tones & I), and features performances by McCartney’s main musical collaborator Ian Peres (Matt Corby, Ruel, Jarryd James) and sax by Jesse Green.

It’s a smooth groove, flawlessly produced, and chronicles the last moments on a night out, just before the ugly lights come on and people are pairing off. Ultimately, it’s an anthem to all those single folk who’ve slogged out iso on their own.

Inspired by artists and producers alike, McCartney draws from a genre-spanning pool of creators like Mark Ronson, Kasey Musgraves, Bad Bad Not Good, David Byrne, Harry Styles, Gotye and Gillian Welch.

“I’m proud of the blend I struck on this EP, because they’re still ‘guitar songs’, so to speak, but that’s not what you notice as the leading ingredient.” Michael described. “If I had to say, I think they lead with groove but win you over with melody and lyric. They’re still ‘rock’ songs, but dressed up in contemporary RnB clothes. I’m calling the entire EP series a collection of ‘Vintage Pop’ songs.”

Whatever he calls it, it’s your new Sunday afternoon jam, #goldcoast. Check it out below:

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