New Music: March 2021

March into March with these local bangers, curated by Zac Fahey.

Adam Shannon Keeps It Raw

Adam Shannon is yet another musician reflecting on the art-inspiring year that was 2020, releasing a nine-track album aptly titled ’20/20 Hindsight’. Offering an obscure take on deep digging blues, Shannon tells stories of love lost and trouble found in a raw, authentic style that is unmistakably his own.

Business Release Lo-fi Gem

Another new act on the brink of releasing their debut EP, Business have offered us their latest single ‘Just Like Always’. Recorded with one microphone in a garage studio, the track is bursting with catchy hooks, building from a simple guitar riff into an up tempo indie pop jam. ‘Just Like Always’ has the sort of live energy that can only be found in low-fi, off-the-cuff recordings and marks the band’s strongest release to date.

Love Level’s Slow Burner

One of the Gold Coast’s most exciting new acts Love Level have given us another fantastic track with the low key electronic slow burner ‘Why You Left’. Written about dealing with the sudden loss of a friendship, the track’s production and overall feel of the song follow the somber sentiment creating a truly emotional soundscape. Vastly different to their previous releases, ‘Why You Left’ shows great depth from this duo who are sure to deliver more gems like this on their forthcoming debut EP.

Burning Jacobs Ladder’s Assured Debut EP

Making waves since his first release in December, Burning Jacobs Ladder (Jake Johnson) has backed it up with an assured debut EP titled ‘EP/1’. Describing himself as alternative/psych-rock, Jake borrows sounds from the classic blues/rock era in the opening tracks ‘Danger In Me’ and ‘Dystopian Blues’ before taking a dip into vintage psychedelica on tracks ‘Seventh Fever Of The Mind’ and ‘Seeking The Light’. The heart-wrenching EP closer ‘Cleanse The Soul’ strips things right back to just voice and acoustic guitar showcasing this talented songwriters full repertoire. Awesome stuff here from Burning Jacobs Ladder.

Anita Spring Catches The Midnight Train

Anita Spring is kicking off 2021 with her new single ‘Midnight Train’, an optimistic approach to a song written about the shocker of a year that was 2020. Acoustic guitar drives this country-pop tune along in a kind of pleasant shuffle while fiddle sounds and a frolicking drum beat sees the song dip a little into the traditional folk category. Accompanied by an equally pleasant video, ‘Midnight Train’ is sure to give you the warm and fuzzies.

Joseph Vea’s Stunning Debut

After blowing us away with his first two singles ‘Find Me’ and ‘Half As Much’, Joseph Vea has now released his stunning four-track debut EP. Featuring two new songs, the EP showcases Joseph’s effortlessly cool vocals, diverse musical style and his undeniable knack for writing catchy melodies. ‘Plastic Man’ is an earnest reflection on identity as the son of immigrant parents featuring smooth production and tasteful electric guitar while ‘Walls’ is a soul inspired, rhythm driven track about the role showing venerability plays in a relationship. Fantastic stuff here from Joseph Vea.

The Silencio’s Stay Positive

The Silencio have stripped things back this month, revisiting their acoustic prog-rock roots on their new single ‘You’re Not Alone’. Delivering a message of encouragement to stay positive though rough times, the track offers a wide array of interesting sounds, mixing live and electronic sections seamlessly behind beautiful layered vocal harmonies and a driving beat. Complete with a high production video shot in Japan ‘You’re Not Alone’ is another slick release from this local four-piece.

GESTICULATIONS’ Collaborative Project

Local music fanatic Graham Ashton, who some might know as the front man from The Shambolics or as the owner of Footstomp Music, seems to have broadened his musical horizons even further with the release of an epic collaborative album under the name GESTICULATIONS. The record’s title ‘Sense Of Purgency’ sets the tone perfectly for an album full of deep lyrical wordplay and raw musical spontaneity, facilitated by Ashton’s unlikely partnership with fellow local music fanatic Benny D Williams. With every track offering a different collaboration and a unique sense of style, ‘Sense Of Purgency’ is certainly unlike any other record you’ll hear this month.

BB Factory’s Live Grit

One of the Gold Coast’s most hard working blues bands BB Factory are showcasing their explosive live sound with the release of the first single from their forthcoming album ’Live At The Wallaby Hotel’. First penned by the band back in 2017, ’Fantasy’ is a love song written over a frantic, fast paced blues rhythm which is intensified even further with the grit and energy that comes with a live recording. All over in three minutes the track leaves us hanging for what’s to come on the album set for release on 25 March.

Soft Nylon’s Sparkling Synths

Local producer/songwriter and all-rounder Dylan Lindquist has taken time out of his busy schedule to release two tracks under his solo moniker Soft Nylon this month. The opener ‘Just A Walk In The Park’ is chilled electronica at it’s finest featuring a glitchy lead hook that trades between electric guitar and a sparkling synth. ‘Sidewalk’ picks up the tempo slightly and again builds around a catchy lead hook that is surrounded by beautiful synths and cleaver production.

Chutney’s Rocketman

Chutney have stripped things back this month with the release of their mellow rock ballad ‘Invisible’. Lyrically drawing influence from a quote found on Elton John’s biopic ‘Rocketman’, the track expands on the sentiment with the help of layered guitars, smooth vocal harmonies and in-the-pocket drums. Not seeming to follow the lyrical thread whatsoever but definitely worth checking out for a laugh is the hilarious video that you can find on their Facebook page.

DENNIS. Puts A Smile On Your Face

2020 Gold Coast Music Prize winner DENNIS. has hit us with yet another glistening indie-disco banger ‘What You Do’. Featuring the rap vocal of Brisbane based artist Professor Paul, the track reels you in from the very first second, bursting with catchy melodies and clever production hooks. Lyrically lighthearted and sonically carefree, ‘What You Do’ is sure to put a smile on your face.

Padre Shine A Light On Domestic Violence

Northern Gold Coast five-piece outfit Padre have released the lead single from their forthcoming album this month, ‘Brown’. Continuing the storyline from 2020’s ‘Furious’ the new track dives into the life of a school bully and his violent, alcoholic dad, bringing more awareness to the ripple effect caused by domestic violence. Spoken word verses articulate the story well behind a meaty traditional rock backing that really comes to life in the chorus. Complete with a well-made animated video, ‘Brown’ is an immersive experience that shines a confronting light on an important issue.

Veople Take Us Deeper

After melting our faces with their high energy blend of live/electronic fusion in 2020 on their debut EP ‘EP_001’ local duo Veople have managed to take us deeper into their obscure world with the release of two stunning remixes. Brisbane-based producer Olympic Pool Maintenance League brings deep techno grooves to the seven and a half minute extended version of ’Tilt’ while producer Bcharre charges in with a brain-destroying edit of ‘Maverick’ offering his niche dark dance-floor aggression. These remixes are not for the lighthearted and would be best consumed with bass turned to 11 at the 2am kick-on.

Daste Cure Their Writer’s Block

After teasing us with the news of a debut album in the works at the end of last year, prolific local trio Daste have given us the first taste of what’s to come with their dreamy electronic new single ‘somebody like you’. Born on day 26 of a project where the band wrote a beat every day to help cure writer’s block the track was fleshed out further and given the final production touches by Maxwell Byrne (Golden Vessel). ‘somebody like you’ is a silky smooth low-key electronic charmer that has us more than pumped for this forthcoming album.

Commonside’s Fuzzy EP

It’s fuzzed out guitars to the front with Commonside’s classic 90’s rock inspired EP ‘Mars, Cars and Movie Stars’. Accurately describing themselves as a guitar band with a hint of Indie-Rock, a touch of Pop-Punk and a squeeze of Alternative, the band’s four track EP sees them weave these influences together seamlessly, creating a fun start to finish listen. With a new album already in the works at Love Street Studios and few local shows already under their belt this year, Commonside clearly have big plans for 2021.

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