New music: December 2021

Why not end 2021 with a bang, huh? December’s New Music column has a range of aural delights for you to sample, and be sure to stick around to the very bottom where we list our Top 21 local releases for 2021.

clovo’s Powerful Debut

clovo has hit the ground running with her fantastic debut single ‘Girls’. Finding inspiration from female dark pop superstars Grimes, Mia Rodriguez and Billie Eilish, the empowering track was written on International Women’s Day as an anthem for all women who stand against sexual assault and discrimination. Tough, punchy production and the confident swagger of Chloe Magee’s vocal enhance the power of the message. A very solid start for this new Gold Coast artist. Check out our interview with Chloe in this edition.

Wet Season’s 90s Surf Soundtrack

Wet Season are following up their debut single from earlier this year with the thrashy 90s rock inspired track ‘Drift’. Sounding like it could have been taken from any surf film from the 90s, the song hits that nostalgic feeling with its drawn out melodies and easygoing tempo that so many rock bands have found success from over the past few years. ‘Drift’ is the perfect soundtrack for a summer surf trip.

The Silencio Hit Hard

Finding the boundaries of rock music once again The Silencio have hit hard with their new blend of punk / metal / prog ‘Under Lock & Key’. Produced at Core Studios on the Gold Coast, the track does well to harness the pure energy that the band put into their live shows which is also captured in the epic live video. If you’re a fan of British rock band Basement you’ll love this track.

Club Roulette’s Ready Made Hit

Club Roulette are giving it their all in the energetic new polished pop single ‘Better’. Channeling the boy-band model of wildly successful bands like 5 Seconds Of Summer, the four piece have worked with certified hit maker Reese Szabo on production and Gold Coast’s master of mastering Paul Blakey to develop this ready made hit. With a slick video that perfectly matches the pace of the track ‘Better’ is the full package.

Sook’s Alt Rock Thrasher

Flying the 90s alt-rock flag this month is the grungy new single from long standing Gold Coast three-piece Sook. ‘I Can Be In Love’ channels the likes of Smashing Pumpkins with its crushed guitar sounds, thrashing rock drums and the hooky layered vocal of band leader Kirk Mesmer. Featuring the keyboard and production skills of Gold Coast music champion Guy Cooper, it’s obvious that ‘I Can Be In Love’ is the work of well-seasoned musicians doing what they love.

Super Ghost Explore The Rat Race

After introducing themselves with two impressive singles earlier this year, Super Ghost are leaving their mark on 2021 with the release of ‘Left For Dust’, the guitar driven debut EP that (according to the band) “explores themes of liminal spaces, illogical social customs and anxieties that coincide with the human rat race.” With a backbone of indie pop the EP also explores the tones of vintage surf rock on ‘Lullaby’, flirts with some quirky spaghetti western vibes on ‘Graceless’ and delves into 60s psychedelic on ‘Vertex’. A real full-bodied debut offering here from this fresh faced duo.

Donny Love Make You Smile

Gold Coast’s best dressed band Donny Love have gifted us with an ultra fun new single to get us through the silly season with the art-pop sing-along ‘Put Up A Fight’. Defined by the band as a groove-based exploration of jangle pop, disco and Afro-pop the track captures the ecstatic energy of the their live show, complete with congas, synthesisers, group vocals and infectious melodies. With a lyrical focus on mental health, this happy go lucky track is sure to put a smile on your dial.

Why Tho Set you Flying

Why Tho is the refreshingly different new Gold Coast collaboration between producer/drummer George Carpenter (who you might recognise behind the kit at a Karl. S Williams show) and artist/vocalist Tal Fitzpatrick who is best known for her work in the field of textile ‘craftivism’. Channeling the experimental sounds of Brian Eno and born in the wake of the world falling into crisis the duo’s self titled EP is a 14 minute cosmic journey ranging from dark-wave goth to electro punk that will lift you out of your seat and set you flying. Brilliant, thought-provoking stuff here from Why Tho.

Fine Wines With Tully John & Liza-Jane

Tully John & Liza-Jane have a knack for creating ethereal folk songs that seem to get better with age. Their latest fine wine ‘Backyard’ is no exception. Carrying a faster pace than some of their previous material, the track is led by the intimate vocal of Tully John and supported by the flawless delicacy of Liza’s harmonies. With its rich acoustic guitars and subtle piano flutters ‘Backyard’ is perfect summer road trip material.

EUCA’s Rollicking Gem

EUCA has hit us with an absolute gem this month with her heart wrenching single ‘only fools’. With stunning vocal harmonies and a rollicking country-folk style rhythm section reminiscent of Swedish act First Aid Kit, the production perfectly executes the track’s dark, yearning lyrical content. If this release is anything to go by, EUCA is set to explode into 2022.

Eleea Moves On

Eleea is finishing off the year with yet another dramatic pop anthem ‘Stings’, written about conflicting feelings after moving on from a mutual breakup. Again working with local production wizard Brad Hosking the track shines a light on Eleea’s emotive vocal while working with layered harmonies and guitars that rise into a triumphant finale. With references as wide as The Cranberries and Taylor Swift, ‘Stings’ also does well to continue the worldly sound Eleea developed with her Travel Collection EP back in 2020.

Tokyo Beef With Meat And Potatoes

Blank favourites Tokyo Beef have served up a solid plate of meat and potatoes this month with their straight shooting punk rock belter ‘Poor Boy’. Recorded at Lovestreet Studios on the Gold Coast as a batch of five songs that are to be released via Bandcamp over the next few months, this first offering features dirty guitars, driving drums and a raucous vocal delivery that will have you beating down the door and running to the nearest mosh pit. You can catch the band performing at Vinnies Dive on 10 December.

Tayiha Continues To Impress

16-year-old local talent Tayiha is finishing off a productive year of songwriting with her fourth consecutive single of 2021 ‘Gotta Be More Than This’. With bright, shiny pop production at its core, the track explores love through the lens of a teenager in the wake of a failed relationship. With an impressive accompanying video that showcases Tayiha’s dancing skills, ‘Gotta Be More Than This’ is another step in the right direction for this future star.

Tesh Batkins’ Sparkling Spotlight

Tesh Batkins is back this month with her sparkling new single ‘Spotlight’. Led by an acoustic guitar and garnished with classic pop production this breakup anthem is simple, catchy and to the point; the perfect formula for a classic ear worm that will be stuck in your head all day. Check out Tesh’s Instagram to follow her picturesque coastal adventures and acoustic renditions.

Lunar Syrup Go Deep

New kids on the block Lunar Syrup have kicked things off in a big way this month with their impressive debut single ‘Architect Of Dreams’. Clean psychedelic sounds and deep thinking lyrical content set the scene for this well constructed sonic journey that seems to channel the likes of fellow local surf/psych lords Peach Fur and Babe Rainbow. With big plans ahead, ‘Architect Of Dreams’ is the first chapter of a forthcoming album which will be accompanied by a 50 plus page novella. Trippy stuff here from the Gold Coast’s newest face melters.

Daste Deliver On Debut

After a whopping six single releases in 2021 hometown heroes daste. are finishing off the year by dropping their heavily anticipated debut album ‘dusk&dawn’. Beautiful minimalistic production, masterful songwriting and soul soothing intimate vocals spill from this ten track LP to create a full bodied listen with every song offering something new and refreshing. Of the unreleased material the clear standout is the emotive sad-boy ballad ‘light on’ with its acoustic flow and stunning falsetto vocal. Hands down ‘dusk&dawn’ is one of the strongest local albums to be released this year.

And that’s not all! With 2022 approaching, we thought we’d better take a look back at the year that was.

Here’s Blank’s Top 21 for 2021 (in alphabetical order):

Attune – Jamie Lane
Boxing Under Water (feat. Cailin Russo) – Golding
Cigarettes & Red Wine – Javan Kai
Count Static – boWsER
Dog Days – The Lonesomes
Fool’s Play – GENIIE BOY
Girl In The Mirror – The Oogars
Heaven – Lily Papas
hear with me (fet. DVNA) – daste.
Hunger – Tully John & Liza-Jane
Idk why the light’s on – Akurei
In The Machine – San Mei
Like You – Bianca Power
Love – Buttered
Only Fools – EUCA
Save Me – Eliza & The Delusionals
Take Life Easy – HEAVY WAX
Talk – Chutney
Wanna Stay (feat. Dear Sunday) – Luude
White Tiles – Girl and Girl

Playlist is below. You’re welcome.

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