New Music: December 2020

Probably the only positive to come out of a lack of gigs this year has been the absolute flood of incredible music we’ve received from local artists. And December is set to finish as strongly as the year started, with the follow assorted tunes curated as always by our New Music guru Zac Fahey. Our biggest problem has been choosing which ones we are able to include with the time we had! We’re pretty happy with the list below, so check it out and as always, #supportlocal.

Michael McCartney’s Next Chapter

Michael McCartney’s ambitious 16 track, four EP sonic buffet of new music has easily been the most exciting project to emerge from 2020. His latest offering ‘You Can Be Sad And Be Angry’ sees the talented instrumentalist / producer take a more modern pop approach to his typical retro rock sound, channeling the sophisticated energy of Tame Impala’s ‘The Slow Rush’ and the polished production of Harry Styles. Written during the recent Black Lives Matter protests the lyrical phrase “Can We Move At The Pace Of Trust?” stands tall among other thought provoking reflections on the recent movement. More brilliant stuff here from Mr. McCartney.

Super Massive Disco

Super Massive will get you dancing all the way to 2021 with their turbo charged single ‘I Like It’. A throwback to the analog synths of 70’s disco, the song is complete with funk-wah keyboards, tacky synths and snappy up tempo drums. Having fun with some sexually provocative lyrical content the whole track oozes with good time energy and is sure to put a smile on your face.

Windows Down With Meiken x Stay Nice

Another brand new act to introduce themselves to us this month is the RnB inspired outfit Meiken x Stay Nice with their debut single ‘Rainbow Ridin’’. Meiken sings and spits verses behind a Stay Nice beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a classic 90’s RnB playlist. The pair have put together a solid first offering here. Complete with a brooding saxophone feature ‘Rainbow Riding’ is a Friday arvo, windows down jam that will have you singing along on the first play.

Kye Grant’s Party Starter

Local DJ/producer Kye Grant will knock you off your seat with his absolute banger of a new single ‘This Feeling’. With the help of the commanding rap vocal of Atlanta artist Rome Fortune who has previously collaborated with What So Not and George Maple the track’s verses build in intensity making way for a massive, filthy sounding dub step chorus. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast track to get the party started on New Years Eve this would be a safe bet.

Novus Delivers Heavy Brilliance

Novus have been making waves on the Australian hardcore scene this year with their polished, technically proficient sound and have just rounded out the year with their strongest release to date ‘Mythomania’. Featuring the guest vocal of Jack Bergin from Void of Vision! the track expands on the definition of its title describing a condition that is an abnormal or pathological tendency to exaggerate or tell lies. Deep, dark and beautiful ‘Mythomania’ will provoke thought and spontaneous moshpits.

Doniger’s vintage rock gem

Doniger is channeling some serious 60’s rock vibes with his beauty of a new single ‘Renegade’. As the title track from his debut album, the single is blues at its core featuring distorted guitars and a swaggering beat that’s glued to the baseline. Channeling an Iggy Pop style vocal delivery the lyrics hit on how society is obsessed with mobile phones and social media. Unplug yourself for a moment and hit play on this vintage rock gem.

Brett Hammond’s Impressive Debut

Brett Hammond has come in strong with the release of his debut EP ‘Streets Talk’. Part prog-rock, part anthemic stadium rock Hammond goes hard from start to finish only really taking a breath in the wonderfully obscure closing track ‘Voodoo’. Impressively playing all of the instruments on the EP himself Brett Hammond is a musical force to be reckoned with. Check out our interview with Brett in the December edition.

Radolescent Return To The Spotlight

For the bunch of loveable punk rock ratbags that they are, Radolesent have been surprisingly quiet this year using the down time to work on fresh material and adopt new members. The bands raucous new single ’Calling Out’ propels the now five-piece back into the spotlight with a fuzzed out, high energy take on their signature sun-bleached punk rock sound. Written about late night substance-induced ramblings, the track is an almighty return to form for Radolescent.

Phoebe Sinclair’s Earworm

Phoebe Sinclair is proving that she is one of the best indie pop songwriters on the Gold Coast with her stunning earworm of a new single ‘Whiplash’. As a prolific songwriter for other artists, Sinclair has recently taken focus on her own music after finding a new understanding of herself, what she stands for and how her experiences can connect to listeners. Simplistic modern production techniques lay the foundation for a catchy three-minute pop gem that will be stuck in your head all day.

Daste’s Sunday Soundscape

Daste are getting us excited for their debut album with the release of the silky smooth new single ‘either way’. Co-written with Sydney artist Maina Doe after hitting it off at the 2019 Electronic Music Conference the bones of the song were first penned on a lazy Sunday afternoon, which is exactly where this track will take you when hit play. Blissful ambient synths and an in-the-pocket drumbeat are beautifully accompanied by delicate vocals to create your perfect Sunday soundscape.

Junie’s 90’s Hip-Hop Jam

Gold Coast local favorite Carlos Lara has taken time away from fronting the popular Aussie act Bootleg Rascal recently to focus on his 90’s inspired hip-hop project Junie. His third release of 2020 ‘Questions’ was written after Carlos overheard his roommate and producer Minimal Miggy working on the beat from his bedroom; the pair worked on the track together and finished it in a matter of days. You can catch Junie supporting his good mate and fellow Gold Coast hip-hop star Saint Lane at Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane on 19 December.

Saint Lane’s Assured Debut

It’s been a pleasure to watch Saint Lane grow as a local artist over the past few years and even better to see the rest of Australia start taking notice since launching his solo project in 2019. Lane’s debut EP ‘If I Leave You In The Fire’ is an assured body of work that not only showcases Saint Lane’s ability as a lyricist and storyteller but also as a talented songwriter. Previously released tracks like ‘Hickeys’ and ‘When Did We Grow Up?’ stick in your head like any good pop song while the opener ‘Fire’ is a lyrical stream of conciseness delivered with effortless flow. A solid start to finish listen here from Saint Lane.

Hannah Campbell Brings Christmas Reprieve

Hannah Campbell is giving us some reprieve from the overplayed Christmas classics this year with her beautifully dark take on a festive tune ‘For The Kids’. Written before the pandemic about not being able to go home for Christmas, Hannah felt compelled to release the track after the year we’ve had. Getting together with long-time friends and local collaborators Hannah Campbell has produced a Christmas miracle here that can replace the shopping center version of ‘Jingle Bells’ any day of the week.

Veople’s Mind-Melting Debut EP

After a massive year of releases and collaborations, Veople are continuing to carve out their own musical path with the new single ‘Under’. Offered as a part of their debut EP titled ‘EP_001’ which features three previously released tracks and a mind-melting long edit of ‘Empathy’, the impressive package of purely instrumental songs solidifies Veople as one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting and unique acts. ‘EP_001’ is an intense journey of modern electronic fusion bursting with rich layered synths and out-of-this-world live drumming, a total winner here from Veople.

boWsER Get Better With Age

Gold Coast alt-rock veterans boWsER are getting us excited for their forthcoming 2021 album with the release of ‘Supersonic’ alongside a cracker of a video featuring some vintage Gold Coast venues. According to the band the track aims to take the listener to the upper stratosphere and it does just that with big euphoric chords, complex arrangements and rich production. If you’re into bands like Spoon and Queens Of The Stone Age you’ll be sure to love this track.
Out 4 December

Midnight Express To Rome’s Shiny Rock Anthem

Midnight Express To Rome have risen from the ashes of COVID armed with the brand new power rock anthem ‘Disintegrate’. Written about the pain and transformation that a serious relationship can bring, the track features souring electric guitars, brooding vocals and comes complete with some pretty interesting cover artwork. Referencing bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam, Midnight Express To Rome are doing a good job of bringing back the shiny rock hay days of the early 2000’s.

The Blackwater Fever’s Sensory Overload

With five albums and over 11 million streams on Spotify The Blackwater Fever have found a worldwide cult following for their niche blend of dark, moody, garage rock and will not be disappointing their massive fan base with the release of their powerful new single ‘My Weakness’. Described by the band as a ‘dynamic and visceral’ track they set an unsettling mood from the very first off-kilter guitar note, continuing throughout with haunting, delicate production and ambient whispers that will put shivers down your spine. ‘My Weakness’ is a sensory overload that begs to be listened to again and again.

Beckah Amani Will Stop You In Your Tracks

After blowing us away with one of the most powerful Gold Coast songs of the year ‘Standards’ in September, Beckah Amani has done it again with her breathtaking new offering ‘Stranger’. Written in the wake of a broken heart, the stripped back track cries with raw emotion using nothing more than voice and an electric guitar. Lyrical brilliance, jazz influenced melodies and a voice that will stop you in your tracks, Beckah Amani is your new favorite artist.

Budjerah’s Stunning Debut

18-year-old Fingal Head musician Budjerah has taken the Australian music industry by storm this month with the release of his impressive debut single ‘Missing You’. The pop infused, RnB stunner is the first offering from a forthcoming album produced by Matt Corby and has been released off the back of some major signing announcements with the likes of Warner Music Australia Lemon Tree Music Management. With the clever songwriting, world-class production and a voice that will melt your heart it’s no surprise that Budjerah has been turning heads everywhere he goes.

Future Festival Favorites

Heavy Wax are here to get the party started with their energetic new single ‘It’s My Time’. The second release from this newly formed group of seasoned Gold Coast musicians, the track offers a fresh take on the horn led, ska/reggae vibes of the band’s previous incarnation Madison Kat. Think Melbourne Ska Orchestra meets the Cat Empire and you’ll begin to get an idea of what Heavy Wax are putting down here. These guys are sure to be festival favorites once restrictions ease into 2021.

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