New music: August 2021

We didn’t have room for even half the fabulous tunes that headed our way this month, so we had to pick a random selection. Pretty darn happy with it! Enjoy!


Buttered Deliver Brilliance

Buttered just seem to be getting better with every release and have graced us with another brilliant single this month ‘It Don’t Matter’. Self-assured songwriting, crisp minimalistic production and smooth as silk vocals shine brightly through this four minute jam to deliver a depth of sound that they have claimed as their own. World-class stuff here from one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting new(ish) acts.

Nathan Ortado’s Dreamy Guitar

Nathan Ortado has released the first of a flurry of singles this month with the laid-back guitar driven dreamer ‘Angel’. Produced by Gold Coast production stalwart Guy Cooper, the track builds nicely with the help of layered ambient harmonies and rich guitar sounds to create a soundscape of true relaxation. With another five singles to come before the end of the year we’re looking forward to more soul soothing sounds from Nathan Ortado.

Jade Bares Her Soul

After teasing us for over a year with new material, local songstress Jade Soul has finally delivered her earthy debut EP ‘Before The Alchemy’. Moody electric guitars and rich reverb laden vocals wash beautifully across the opening three tracks before the EP takes a well-positioned turn into a more up beat indie-folk sound on the closing two. Filled with emotion and deep reflective lyrical content it’s clear that Jade Soul has poured her heart into this release and the world is better off for it.

We Are Iso Bring The Party Beats

Brining the party beats this month are newcomers We Are Iso with their second winner of a single since forming in the wake of Covid-19. ‘LOVE N’ TRUST’ draws clear inspiration from local heavyweights RÜFUS DU SOL and channels the diverse vocal flow of Hayden James to deliver a solid dance floor ready club banger. Taking it’s time to get truly underway the track hits its stride just before the one minute mark with a groove-heavy chorus drop that will be sure to get your body moving. Complete with a high-energy video clip that builds perfectly with the intensity of the track, ‘LOVE N’ TRUST’ is an impressive package from the young duo.

Chutney Evolve Their Sound

With now over a year since their first release, Chutney are starting to really find their place within the Gold Coast music scene, developing a solid following and continuing to evolve their sound. Their latest offering ‘Talk’ is the band’s most mature release to date, continuing their brit-rock influences but experimenting more with production and shifting into Oasis territory with some insanely catchy chorus melodies. Written about looking out for your mates when they’re having a hard time, ‘Talk’ is accompanied by a classic tongue and cheek classic Chutney style video clip that is well worth a watch.

Jaz Sebastian’s Theatrical Journey

Jaz Sebastian has introduced himself to us this month with the David Bowie-inspired pop-rock track ‘LAZER’. With a history as a filmmaker and musical theatre performer Jaz does well to bring drama into his songwriting here, engaging the listener with his powerful vocal and theatrical songwriting techniques. Written about a dystopian hero’s journey to self-awareness and discovery it’s the kind of track that would fit perfectly to the credit roll of a sci-fi action movie.

These Idle Hands’ Alt-Country Beauty

After releasing one of the strongest albums of 2020 with their heart-wrenching alt-country beauty ‘Petrichor’, These Idle Hands have returned with the first single from their forthcoming sophomore record ‘The Moon Is Low’. Slow tempo acoustic guitar, emotive strings and a lyrically weighted baritone vocal set the scene for yet another thought provoking track from this talented local six-piece. Visit the bands Facebook for more unreleased teasers and videos from their upcoming record.

The Vinyl Ground’s Art-house Expression

The Vinyl Ground is an all-encompassing artistic project by Melbourne-turned-Gold Coast musician / film-maker Jazz Milburn. ’Drop On By’ is a unique expression of her Covid-19 lockdown experience taking the listener into fictional dream like state through its genre defying sound and art-house style accompanying video. Refreshingly different, The Vinyl Ground ’Drop On By’ is miles apart from anything else being released on the Gold Coast this month and well worth the experience.

Drop on By – THE VINYL GROUND from The Vinyl Ground on Vimeo.

Harry J Hart Brings Guitars To The Front

Harry J Hart brings guitars to the front in his pop-rock gem ‘Who We Are’. Channeling the dramatic energy of Silverchair’s ‘Diorama’ record, Harry J Hart displays some impressive vocal range and strong songwriting skills. Written around the idea of watching a relationship breakdown, ‘Who We Are’ is one of those complete packages that expresses emotion both through its musicality and its lyrical content. Easily his strongest release to date.

Heavy Wax’s Feel Good Party Anthem Of The Year

Gold Coast’s newest party band Heavy Wax are continuing their positive, uplifting vibes with their soul-disco throwback ‘Ain’t No Turning Back’. Lyrically exploring the need to question one’s perspective and look at a situation through a more positive mindset, and musically sounding like it could fit on any good 70’s disco-party playlist, ‘Ain’t No Turning Back’ might just be our feelgood anthem of the year. So press play, get out your corduroy flare pants and hit the dance floor.

Dani Teveluwe Puts A Smile On Your Face

Music teacher and solo artist Dani Teveluwe has released her third single of 2021 this month with the guitar driven slow jam ‘Movin’ On’. Written in just ten minutes, the song came to Dani as an artistic stream of consciousness and can be felt in the easygoing nature of the melody and the carefree delivery of the track as a whole. Building from just a guitar and vocal into a full body of sound rich with layers, ‘Movin’ On’ is a simple but beautiful piece of music that will leave a smile on your face.

Out soon. Follow Dani’s socials for updates.

Radolescent Get Loose In Surfers

Gold Coast’s favorite loveable ratbags Radolescent are back with their second single of 2021 with the party starting skuzzy punk anthem ‘Home’. Written about an especially loose night roaming the streets of Surfers Paradise, the track’s thrashing drums and fuzzy guitars clearly channel the bands influences (and tour mates) Dune Rats and Beddy Rays while giving a nice local flavor, telling unashamed stories of growing up on the Gold Coast. If you like what you hear check out the bands latest EP ‘Excellent People’.

Haba Dudes Keep Things Chill

Haba Dudes have gifted us with album number nine this month; a mostly low-fi solo effort by the outfits lead vocalist Mark Boulle titled ‘Japanese Eggs’. The album opens with the rollicking ‘Pickup Sticks’ featuring backing vocals from Mark’s four year old daughter before sliding into another classic Haba Dudes low-key reggae Jam ‘Baby Be Seen’. Overall, the 13 tracks offer a solid split between Jack Johnson-esque coastal folk and island vibe acoustic reggae. ‘Japanese Eggs’ is a nice relaxing start to finish listen that would pair well with a cup of tea and a hammock on a lazy afternoon.

Saint Barae’s Winning Collaboration

After teaming up with fellow Gold Coaster SOFT NYLON for his previous single, Saint Barae is continuing his run of winning collaborations with his latest offering ’Snow’ alongside upcoming Brisbane beat maker Silkless. A jarring rhythm reminiscent of early Flume is backed by an array of wonky synth sounds and Saint Barae’s unmistakable, effect riddled vocal to create an onslaught of emotional creativity. If you’re a fan of FKA Twigs then you’ll love this new collaboration as the project was said to have been born out of inspiration from her ‘Magdalene’ album.

JVMIE Toughens Things Up

Since returning to her home on the Gold Coast from the USA at the beginning of the pandemic JVMIE has been a welcome addition to our wonderfully diverse music scene here on the Gold Coast. ‘Oxygen’ sees JVMIE teaming up once again with American songwriting partner in crime Lionel Cohen to deliver a tougher, more driving sound than their previous works. Finding impetus in destructive, obsessive love the tracks off kilter beat and quirky analog synths give a sense of uneasiness that is brought to life with JVMIE’s lyrical content and percussive vocal delivery.

GENIIE BOY Keeps Us Pleasantly Confused

Geniie Boy are continuing to ride the wave of success generated by their heavily praised first two singles with the release of a third cracker this month titled ‘Bad Company’. Once again keeping us pleasantly confused at every turn with their dynamic songwriting, ‘Bad Company’ mixes flavors of indie, folk, rock with a splash of electronica to create a truly unique outcome. Beautiful thought provoking stuff here from one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting new outfits.

Erin Foster Has You Crying On The Dance Floor

Karamilk’s Erin Foster has released the follow-up to her debut single since launching her solo project earlier this year. ‘Sometimes’ is a synth soaked electro-pop slow burner written about love unencumbered by real life, delivered as an internal monologue laced with romantic desolation. With influences like The Weeknd Erin seems to channel that emotive pop sound that carries a driving rhythm while still managing to play with the heartstrings. It’s the kind of song that will have you crying on the dance floor and we love it.

Jakeycakes is a free spirited baby alright

Gold Coast primary school student Jakeycakes is continuing to find his sound with the garage blues/rock inspired single ‘Free Spirited Baby’. Co-written with his mum, ‘Free Spirited Bab’ sees Jakey takes the lead on almost all of the instrumentation including guitars, lead vocal, harmonies and percussion. Complete with a well-made accompanying video featuring Jakeycakes flaunting his front-man swagger, ‘Free Spirited Baby’ is the youngster’s strongest release to date. Check out our interview with the young man himself in this edition.

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