New Gold Coast Music: September 2019

It’s September, and we here at Blank have a Spring in our step. With new beginnings everywhere, it’s the perfect time for some new tunes! Check out what’s come out of the Gold Coast lately.

Masterful new single for Eliza And The Delusionals

Eliza And The Delusionals’ new track ‘Pull Apart Heart’ hits hard with a meaty opening riff and doesn’t let up until the very last note. It’s a masterfully written song that effortlessly transitions between changes of pace and intensity, matching musical and lyrical emotion to a tee. There was plenty of emotion during the writing process as Eliza explains – “I was going through a really rough time. I was experiencing feelings that were new to me and I wasn’t sure how to handle them – I felt like my emotions were in pieces and that’s where the concept came from”. Through slick production and excellent contributions from her band mates, it’s safe to say that ‘Pull Apart Heart’ has reached its full potential.

San Mei’s single is something good

Two time 2019 Gold Coast Music Award winner and recent South By South West (SXSW) showcase artist San Mei is continuing her stellar year with the release of a beautifully polished indie-pop gem ‘Something Good’. Testing new waters by replacing guitars with layered synths, San Mei’s captivating vocals maintain the track’s originality. It’s certainly her most upbeat offering to date, which is no doubt a reflection of the amount of time she’s spent on the road this year. With a recent signing to American booking company United Talent Agency after impressing them at SXSW, it doesn’t seem like the touring will be slowing down any time soon. You can catch her playing at Vinnies Dive on 29 September.

Haba Hope

‘Hope’ is the first single from Haba Dudes’ eighth studio album – yes that’s right, these Gold Coast legends of the scene have released twice as many albums as the average band and don’t seem to be losing any of their knack. ‘Hope’ is a charming progressive roots jam that dances a fine line between familiarity and originality. It’s one of those songs that you think you’ve heard before but you just can’t put your finger on where. The track mixes raw acoustic sounds with electronic elements in ways that shouldn’t work, but just do. ‘Hope’ is an enigma, a one of a kind track, clearly the result of a band who knows exactly what they’re doing.

The Shambolics pave their own way

Pioneers of their own ‘surf country’ genre, The Shambolics are making a point of paving their own way. The band brings punk sensibilities to country/folk music, telling honest, sometimes brutal stories, marveling on their own imperfections. Despite what the band’s name suggests, these middle-aged fathers from Tallebudgera Valley are deadly serious about what they do and it shows among the depth and attention to detail on their debut album titled ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. The record crosses genres and every track seems to have its own distinct personality. Generally albums with this much diversity tend to seem disjointed but ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ is gelled tightly together by Graham Ashton’s unique and commanding vocals. You’ll be lucky to hear another record quite like this.

Jake Carmody continues his flow with new single ‘Mamacita’

Opening with a vintage Latin horn sample, Jake Carmody’s single ‘Mamacita’ draws you in for an unexpected ride. Mixing elements of RnB, trap, soul and even a splash of dubstep, the track is a testament to Carmody’s diversity, setting him apart from other young Gold Coast producers. His unique style and world-class production skills seem to have caught the attention of Australian tastemakers, enjoying hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and plenty of triple j rotation over the past 12 months. ‘Mamacita’ features fellow Queensland goal kicker Xavier Mayne and is set to add bucket loads of streams to both of their Spotify profiles.

Woodstock calls Lecia Louise

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, Lecia Louise has released a fitting, riff-heavy tribute to the legendary gathering. The lyrics describe legends of the stage while soaring guitar solos and a classic blues rhythm section take you right back to the summer of ‘69. The track channels a vintage sound but has the polish of a modern rock song, a trick that Lecia Louise has managed to master over the years. Gaining accolades the from the likes of Alice Cooper’s band member Nita Strauss and Australian music industry heavyweights alike, Louise has solidified herself as one of the Gold Coast’s top guitar shredders. You can see her performing on September 1 at Hope And Anchor in Brisbane.

Kirsty Abrahams’ anthemic pop single

After a 3-year hiatus, Kirsty Abrahams is back with the release of her fourth studio single ‘Without You’. Working with ARIA award winning producer Jared Adlam, Kirsty has evolved her sound into what could be described as anthemic pop. Starting mellow, ’Without You’ adds layer upon layer of musical elements, reaching full-flight around the halfway mark. Kirsty’s vocals build beautifully with the music, making for a truly intense listening experience. ‘Without You’ is yet another world class track from our vibrant city.

The Oogars have power

Fresh off the back of a Spanish tour alongside Danish Surf rock band Pacific Swell, Gold Coast rising stars The Oogars have just dropped their second single ‘Power’. Written during a time of pain caused by an aggressive detachment from a toxic relationship, ‘Power’ has a darker approach than their previous work. With its slow brooding feel, the track moves into shoegaze territory and even has hints of psychedelic folk, channeling the likes of Jess Riberio and Jen Cloher. Keep an eye on their socials for upcoming Gold Coast shows.

Genre fluid Selve release debut single

Selve is the ambitious brainchild of Indigenous lead singer/songwriter Loki Liddle and lead musical composer Harry Edwards. Separately the two have broad musical tastes and have played in various bands throughout their careers. Drawing from past experiences their debut single ‘Snake Of Light’ blends a plethora of styles and could be described as a mix between Foals, Nick Cave and Tame Impala. The story of ‘Snake Of Light’ follows a young descendent of the stolen generation travelling around the country in a beat-up red corolla re-learning old stories, coming into contact with the Dreamtime and developing a connection to the living spirit of the land. Considering themselves a genre-fluid band, Selve integrate themes of Indigenous culture into current neo-psychedelic styles. We can’t wait to hear what’s next.

More new music from Sally Sa

Sally Sa has graced our ears yet again this month with the toe tapping, jazz infused, reggae track ‘Hourglass’. A true local affair, ‘Hourglass’ saw Gold Coast musical identity Benny D Williams on mixing duties, Paul Blakey on mastering and Sally’s musical sidekick Glenn Bloomfield playing all instruments. ‘Hourglass’ was written about becoming everything you want to be, and after 15 years of recording music, Sally Sa seems to be doing exactly that.

The Molotov hit hard with ‘Break’

Hard hitting heavy rockers The Molotov are gearing up for a massive end to 2019 with the release of their new single ‘Break’ as well as a prime spot on this year’s Wallapalooza lineup and a new full-length album set for release in October. A fast paced track featuring complex guitar riffs, heavy drums and a defiant chorus provides a small taste of what’s to come for the much loved band. Wallapalooza is held at The Wallaby Hotel on 14 September.

A low-key banger by Mariconte

Mariconte’s ‘Buzz It’ is yet another fantastic debut release from a new Gold Coast artist. This low-key banger blends distorted moody synths and hard-hitting trap style drums over smooth RnB vocals. Produced and performed by Luke Mariconte (pictured), the track really hits its stride after the half way mark, taking an unsuspected but surprisingly beautiful turn. ‘Buzz It’ displays some serious potential and is said to be the first single from a larger body of work set for release later this year. Keep an eye on Mariconte’s socials for more news and upcoming shows.

Sycloner release fantastically diverse EP ‘In And Of Itself’

Sycloner are gearing up to release their third EP since forming in 2018. ‘In And Of Itself’ sees members Peter Greasley (Vocals) and Daniel Cunnington (Guitar) channel a vintage indie-pop sound while offering something more modern and progressive. According the band, the EP journeys deeper into familiar themes of self-unawareness, vanity and the challenges of living well. ‘Lean On Me’ is the EP highlight track, showcasing a heavier and more experimental side while the very next track ’Down The River’ is a stripped back indie ballad. ‘In And Of Itself’ is a fantastically diverse EP and well worth a listen.

Danceable alt-pop from Friends Of Friends

Anyone who names their main influences as The Police, INXS and The Cure have to be good right? In the case of Friends Of Friends the answer is yes and the proof is in the new single ‘Lie’. The project’s mastermind Barnaby Baker seems to have taken notes from these legendary artists rather than mimic them completely, creating his own take on danceable alt-pop. If you want to hear something a little different press play on ‘Lie’.

Ryan Munro finds fame by the water

Ryan Munro broke a ten-year hiatus from music by playing at last year’s Buskers By The Creek. His stunning performance in the middle of a torrential downpour during the event captured the attention of festival director Cindy Jensen. Now a year later, with the support of his biggest fan Cindy, Ryan Munro has released his debut single ‘By The Water’ capturing a glimpse of what was seen on that fateful rainy weekend by the creek.

Label’s impressive debut single

‘I’ll Pretend’ by Label is cool as hell, it’s as simple as that. Tasteful production and smooth effortless vocals mix with glistening guitar parts and sparsely programmed drums to create a slow burning beauty. It’s the kind of song you could put on after coming down from a night out or listen to while winding up at the beginning of big one. This debut is said to mark the first of many tracks to come from Label over the next twelve months. Keep an eye on Label’s socials to see what’s next.

The way Super Nudist makes us feel

Gold Coast indie rock quartet, Super Nudist, have opted for a brooding, power-rock song for their latest single, ‘The Way She Makes Me Feel’, a number that has frequented the band’s setlist for a while. “It’s a great song to break the set up, people don’t expect it, especially when the chorus hits,” says lead singer Brendan. The song displays a moderate tempo, and plaintive, reverb-laden vocals, and could be deemed as an unusual release for a single, but it whatever it is, it works. It’s out officially on 30 August, with a celebratory launch party at the Rompa Room.

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