New Gold Coast Music: November 2019

This month of new Gold Coast music sees everything from dark grunge through to glistening electro pop. Enjoy, #goldcoast.


Eddie Ray loves life in the suburbs

Local all-round artistic talent Eddie Ray has backed up his debut single from earlier in the year with the release of a stunning seven track EP titled ‘Life In The Suburbs’. It’s a confident, well written piece of work that showcases Eddie’s diversity while staying cohesive with help from some beautiful production. Funk-driven tracks like ‘Who You Wanna Be’, and ‘The Story’ transition between the stripped back ukulele ballad (‘Lost’) rounding out with the slow jamming EP closer ‘My Youth’.  ‘Life In The Suburbs’ is a thoughtful collection of tracks that feels more like an album than an EP, and is well worth a listen.


A productive year for Chavez Cartel

After releasing their debut EP ‘Lucky Lucky’ at the beginning of the year and recently lifting the roof off The Wallaby Hotel during their performance at Wallapalooza, Chavez Cartel (pictured) are continuing their momentum with their new single ‘Love On The Run’. It’s a dark, grungy track channeling the sounds of early Marilyn Manson, complete with brooding vocals, a slow off-kilter beat and a big fuzzed out guitar-driven chorus. The lyrics match the tone, described by the band as a deranged love song that focuses on the darker more destructive side of love. You can catch Chavez Cartel performing at The Rompa Room on 8 November.


Long awaited music from Benny D Williams

Benny D Williams is a front-runner for the hardest working musician on the Gold Coast. He has become part of the furniture at many music venues here over the past few years and it’s common that you’ll see him playing several times over a single weekend. His hard work has translated in to a loyal fan base, all of which will be stoked with the announcement of a new concept album to be released in the coming months led by this upbeat new single ‘Cleanse Your Soul’. It’s a wonderfully recorded sun-shiny song about surf adventures with good friends, a perfect lead-in to the warmer months and an exciting sign for what’s to come on the new record. Check out our full review by Anthony Gebhardt in this edition.


Catchy release from Gratis Minds

Gratis Minds are the real deal. This three-piece hip-hop group from Cabarita have been releasing quality music and world-class video clips for the past few years and have just dropped their strongest single to date ‘Stride’. It’s an instantly catchy track that features all three MC’s effortlessly intertwining their flow over a beat that literally makes you want to ‘stride’ down the street. To get the full effect of how awesome these guys are, take a look at the excellent video clip for the track online.


Amela has found her new sound

Following on from the release of her 2017 debut album ‘Somewhere In Between’ Amela has been exploring her sound, collaborating with a wide range of musicians and testing out different musical styles. Her latest release ‘Blame’ sees Amela really hit the mark, moving away from the acoustic folk sound she is known for and into the world of glistening electronic pop. Working with upcoming Gold Coast producer Josh Beattie she has created something quiet remarkable, a snappy pop song with all the makings of a high rotation commercial radio banger.


Paces keeps it local on latest collaboration

Paces is back with his first major release since his hugely successful 2018 sophomore album ‘Zag’. ‘Vertigo’ sees the Gold Coaster teaming up with Byron Bay local YORKE, a collaboration that’s been a long time coming according to Paces. The track was initially triggered by Yorke’s unique vocal tic, a kind of hiccupping sound. YORK recorded a sample of the hiccup and sent it to Paces, he worked on the idea over a one hour flight and arrived at his destination with the leading hook for ‘Vertigo’. Great story and a killer track.


Barbara Prestia spreads the love

There’s nothing quiet like a positive reggae tune to brighten up your day. Barbara Prestia’s latest release ‘Mumma Moon’ is simple and effective, spreading love with every note. The video is equally wonderful and will be sure to pick you up. Keep an eye on the gig guide for local upcoming shows.


Punk rock in the classroom

RAAM are an all-girl punk rock band who have released their first ever single before even graduating from high school. Recorded during class at the infamous Music Industry College in Brisbane, ‘Addicted To You’ is raw, hard hitting and rough around the edges like every good punk rock track. RAAM display musical maturity way beyond their years, which is no doubt a sign of future brilliance. RAAM are certainly ones to watch.


Parker Rose is Gold Coast’s Starboy

Parker Rose proves that he’s Australia’s answer to The Weeknd on his latest body-rolling banger ‘Bother Me’. After refining the track over 12 months and 20 different versions Parker Rose aimed to capture a confusing emotional rollercoaster through both the lyrics and the production. Complete with auto-tuned falsetto vocals and glitchy high-hat heavy backing beats the track is a sparking pop package.


Chloe Styler releases uplifting folk ballad

The 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards finalist for Breakout Artist of the Year is continuing her hot streak with the release of ‘Patient Heart’. Taking less of her familiar country music vibe ‘Patient Heart’ could be described as an uplifting folk ballad, sitting somewhere between the styles of early Angus and Julia Stone and First Aid Kit. It’s a well-written song that’s been nicely recorded, another big step for up and coming Gold Coaster Chloe Styler.


Phil Barlow’s True Evolution

Phil Barlow’s debut solo release ‘True Evolution’ was just that for the prolific Gold Coast artist. After beginning a spiritual and musical journey just over twelve months ago Barlow truly evolved from an untamed front man of a raucous blues rock band to an intimate and reflective low key musical story teller. The record is a true journey and must be listened to from start to finish, with an open mind and a pot of strong herbal tea. You can catch the tamer version of Phil Barlow live at Dust Temple on 17 November, and keep an eye on Blank’s website and socials for an upcoming full review by Anthony Gebhardt. [Editor: We’ve also interviewed the delightful man himself in this edition, so be sure to check it out.]


Poor Little Things drop Aus rock EP

Gold Coast via Switzerland based Aussie rock band Poor Little Things have just released their epic debut self-titled EP. Describing their music as “a flashback to a good time” Poor Little Things mix 70s & 80s Rock with a touch of glam, channeling the sounds of bands like The Divinyls and The Angels. The EP offers five heavy hitting tracks full of massive drums and meaty guitar sounds juxtaposed by clean female vocals and fluttering synths. The EP closes with the 6:37 epic ‘Street Cheetah’. The full album is out now, so be sure to get your hands on it.


Ella Fence just keeps getting better

Gold Coast favorite Ella Fence is getting us super excited for her forthcoming debut album with the release of yet another stunning single ‘Love Me On Purpose’. Working once again with one of Gold Coast’s most sought after produces Steve Thornely, the pair have created a sonic masterpiece, full of wonderfully interesting sounds including layer upon layer of eerie vocal samples. It’s the kind of song that you want to hit play on again as soon as it finishes.


Saint Barae’s synthpop stunner

Saint Barae’s new track ‘Power / Control’ is a neon lit synthpop stunner that is sure to catapult the young songwriter into the spotlight. An 80s inspired celebration of sexuality, ‘Power / Control’ takes a look into the mind of a young artist coming to terms with their own identity. Easily one of the strongest releases of the month, it absolutely belongs on your playlist.


Happy Days with Hey Skotty

If you’re need of quick hit of positivity, Hey Skotty’s joyful new single, aptly titled ‘Happy Days’, will be sure to put a smile on your dial. A real summertime track full of colorful sounds, catchy melodies and vintage vibes, ‘Happy Days’ is the second uplifting single from a five track EP set for release at the end of 2019. The release is sure to come with a string of local shows so keep an eye on the guide for more info.


Super Massive deliver a strong message

Just one day after Greta Thunberg’s historic speech at the UN, Gold Coast’s Super Massive released the politically charged track ‘We’re Taking Over’. A catchy, well written song with a strong message, ‘We’re Taking Over’ is described by the band as “a celebratory anthem for the environmentally and socially conscious new generation, with a warning for older generations”. The track was set to be released on the band’s forthcoming album but they felt compelled to share it after hearing Greta’s speech. Yet another Gold Coast album to look forward over the next few months.


IVORI have the groove

IVORI are supplying your monthly injection of groove with their fantastic 2 side 7” Vinyl release featuring ‘Dirty Money’ on side A and ‘Mr. Samurai’ on the flip side. Side A gets the party started offering an ultra tight rhythm section over wobbly keyboard sounds and silky smooth jazz vocals while side B keeps the groove a little slower telling a mystical story of a ancient Samurai. Two amazing tracks that everyone should own on vinyl. [Ed: be sure to check out our interview with frontwoman Emjay in this edition!]


These Idle Hands release alt-country gem

These Idle Hands have to be Gold Coast’s best-kept secret. Their single ‘My Heart Left Long Before I Did’ is heart wrenchingly beautiful, flawlessly recorded and comparable to any popular alt-country / Americana song doing the rounds on the charts at the moment. Comprising of an all-star cast of Gold Coast musicians and recorded as the first single of a forthcoming album at Love Street Studios with Scotty French, These Idle Hands have too much talent to keep a low profile and we hope to see them melting hearts on the live scene very soon.

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