New Gold Coast Music: mid-September 2020

Yep, a mid-month New Music column. There is just so much awesome new music coming out of the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers right now, we just HAD to do a second one. Enjoy!


Beckah Amani Sets The Standard

One of the Gold Coast’s most exciting upcoming talents Beckah Amani has just released her first single of 2020, which was written during the height of the recent Black Lives Matter movement. ‘Standards’ is a beautifully composed blend of folk/RnB that offers a first hand reflection on Beckah Amani’s experience with white privilege and the weight of bearing black skin. Amani’s impressive vocal range is pushed to the limit conveying the intense emotion that the songs message portrays. Beckah Amani’s ‘Standards’ is everything that music should be and will leave you completely floored.


Fall In Love With Akurei

Akurei has stripped things back with the release of his second EP of 2020, offering three delicate modern day guitar ballads that will have you fall in love with the local indie/electro talent. The title track ‘HAIRDYE’ was inspired by a Saturday night in and sets the scene beautifully with its sparse instrumentation and delicate vocal delivery. ‘STAY AROUND’ is a minimalist pop gem that could have easily been repurposed into an overproduced commercial top 10 anthem and the closing track ‘CHARLOTTE’ is a simple love song that showcases Akurei’s impressive musical diversity. Akurei’s ‘HARIDYE’ is truly something special.


Prepare To Be Tantalised

BUNYIP ARISOTCRACY is continuing his psychedelic blues journey that began with June single ‘Shangri-La’, this time wading even deeper into the depths of swampy 12-bar goodness. His latest mid altering offering ’Tantalised’ is a slow, distorted affair that blends traditional blues sensibilities with modern day electric grit in a similar way to successful modern blues outfits like The Black Keys. Get your stank face ready because ’Tantalised’ is a beautiful dirty beast of a song.


Talia Rose’s Huge Introduction

Newcomer Talia Rose has introduced herself to us this month in a big way with a huge sounding debut single ‘Losing My Mind’. Written about an ex-girlfriend, this pop song of lost love draws obvious inspiration from female superstars such as Billie Eilish, Benee and Ariana Grand with close to the same high-level production. Traveling solo busking and couch surfing around the country for the past eight years before winding up on our golden shores Talia Rose has stories to tell and some serious talent to match.


Mimi Bailey Channels Taylor Swift

After teaming up with Nicky Muir for a duet earlier this year, Mimi Bailey has branched out on her own with the release a new single ‘The Last Time’. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s recent take on country/folk Bailey takes the same gentle approach, decorating the track with atmospheric guitars and dreamy vocal melodies to create a feeling of longing that the lyrics suggest. As a part of Griffith’s SEED program Mimi Bailey is in great company and we expect more good things to come from the young singer-songwriter.


MAD Leaves Us Hanging

Local hiphop artist MAD has just dropped her fifth single since her 2020 debut with the swagger filled ‘Dreaming’ featuring Brisbane’s Jay Grace. Inspired by the likes of Russ and 070 Shake, MAD deliver’s effortless lyrical flow over a slinky bass-heavy backing track, leaving listeners gasping for more after abruptly fading out just before the three minute mark. With her current release schedule it shouldn’t be too long before we can fade back in with more quality hip-hop from MAD.


Anything Is Possible With Alisha Todd

Alisha Todd has not let the global pandemic slow her down whatsoever. Over the past few months Todd has started a podcast, completed a 30-Day Song & Video Challenge, recorded four new tracks between her two musical projects and has just released her latest single ‘Rabbit Hole’. Starting off simple and acoustic, the track quickly evolves into a complex sensory overload of vocal harmonies, counter melodies and layered production, creating a spontaneous ground swell of emotion that makes the listener fell like anything is possible. Another inspired releases from the prolific local songstress.


Nowhere Else Take A Wild Ride

Nowhere Else will have you intrigued before you even press play with their alluring debut EP titled ‘Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar’. Described by the bands as “an eclectic mix of rock, punk, prog, hardcore and even a touch of metal on the edges” the six tracks take the listener on a wild ride best consumed to at full volume. Apart from the wonderfully gloomy opener ‘Movement In The Shadows’ the EP offers back-to-back heavy, fast paced guitar rock reaching full flight with the huge finisher ‘Innocence Lost’. We’re looking forward to seeing these lords of rock lift off the roof at a local venue when the world reopens.


Aaron Gannaway’s Dreamy Island

Aaron Gannaway has found magic after teaming up with his good friend Phoebe Horn on his first releases of 2020 ‘An Island From Nowhere’. Aaron’s gravelly vocals offer a stark yet fitting contrast to Phoebe’s, trading verses and supporting harmonies to create an unlikely winning combination. Written about living a simple nomadic lifestyle ‘An Island From Nowhere’ might have you dreaming of a distant island vacation.


Black Rabbit George’s Solo Evolution

Paul George has been a constant in the Gold Coast music scene for the past decade, coming onto the scene initially with his successful high energy festival outfit Tijuana Cartel but more recently winning hearts with his creative, introspective solo work. ‘Warren’ is the second body of work from Paul’s Black Rabbit George project that saw the talented local musician write and record everything himself at his home studio. The eight tracks offer a melting pot of psychedelia, folk and indie-rock overlaid with Paul George’s signature flamenco guitar work. Another quality release from Black Rabbit George that seems to grow better with every listen.


Wild Hearted Lead The Protest

Wild Hearted are keeping things nice and simple this month with the release of their meat-and-potatoes rock song ‘Revival’. The type of song you could lead a protest with ‘Revival’ cries out for love, peace and understanding over a fast paced drums and soaring guitars. The call response anti-establishment vocal is reminiscent of early punk while the breakdown section channels the psych rock vibes of The Doors.


An Anthem For Father’s Love

Brothers Calling are talking from their hearts with their latest single released just in time for Father’s Day, ‘The Dad Song’. Telling the story of a father’s love for his children after a separation, the single is a raw and direct message. According the band “The verses are a reflection of the darkness the Father feels and what he is missing out on whilst the choruses are a celebration of his love for his children.” So press play and spread the love.


TUSCAN’s Dizzying Dreamscape

Recently uprooted from his life in London due to COVID-19, Gold Coast local Tuscan has emerged from isolation with a stunning EP ‘Dizzying Sound’. The aptly titled debut is a dreamscape of low key electronica supported by flutters of acoustic instrumentation led by commanding, almost operatic sounding vocals. Notably drawing influence from Billie Eilish’s producer/brother Finneas, the five tracks all display immense attention detail while offering an edge of modern production. TUSCAN is our new favorite returning citizen.


Logan Skinner Keeps Us Guessing

Previous Gold Coast Music Award nominee Logan Skinner has just added to his repertoire with the release of the glistening new pop song ‘Better’. Inspired by personal experiences Skinner explains the track as part of his quest to find his true identity, highlighting his recent journey from self-imprisonment to self-liberation. With pop sensibilities at its core, the free-flowing vocals add a modern rap flavour into the mix which isn’t something we’ve heard from Skinner in the past. Keeping us guessing for what’s to come on his forthcoming debut EP set for release later this year.


Will Day’s Heartfelt Tribute

Tamborine Mountain-based country artist Will Day is baring his soul this month with a heartfelt tribute to his late father ‘Dear Dad’. A tear jerking acoustic ballad, the single showcases Will Day’s knack for writing classic Australian country songs. As well as portraying strong emotion, ‘Dear Dad’ still has the same polished, radio ready sound of any modern day country hit. You’ll be sure to see the hard working Will Day at a venue near you as soon as restrictions ease.


Harry Sam’s Abstract Expression

At only 16 years of age, local artist Harry Sam has been singing since the age of two and, with a swag full of releases under his belt already, has just released his third EP titled ’Stokers Sliding’. Written and recorded as a reflection on COVID, the seven tracks take an experimental lo-fi journey into Harry Sam’s dark and metaphoric world. ‘Stokers Sliding’ won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly a well crafted abstract expression on the current state of the world, and people who love it are REALLY going to love it.


In Eyes Hit Their Stride

In Eyes are continuing to fly the flag for guitar driven pop-punk on the Gold Coast with the release of their beautifully polished new single ‘The Dreamer’. Drawing influence from bands like Tonight Alive and Hands Like Houses, the track is bursting with catchy hooks including an anthemic chorus vocal that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs. ’The Dreamer’ goes hard from start to finish and is easily the bands strongest release to date.


Parker Sounds Find Their Sound

Local four-piece Parker Sounds have turned 2020’s lemons into lemonade. Releasing a string of successful tracks since the beginning of the year the band have progressively found their sound, landing neatly between Pearl Jam’s working class energy and the modern Aussie rock of Kingswood. Their latest offering ‘Disco Face’ is a dance floor banger described by the band as “about getting loose and rocking out”. A simplistic and refreshing approach that’s setting up for an exciting forthcoming debut album.

More New Music

If you’re hungry for some more ear candy check out these new singles from some fantastic artists within our neighboring communities.

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