New Gold Coast Music: July 2020

Our #goldcoast artists are on fire right now with the amount of tracks dropping during these crazy times.  Here are Zac Fahey’s faves for you to wrap your ears around in July.


LIAM’s Understated Instrumental Brilliance

Life Is A Myth (LIAM) is the solo instrumental project from Gold Coast groove master Liam Kirk. Written in the dark depths of a Swedish winter while gigging and pushing through cold nights in the studio, LIAM’s debut EP ‘Lounge Lurkin’ is sure to keep you warm through the comparatively mild chills of Gold Coast. Mostly driven by keyboard’s and decorated with wonderfully obscure samples, some of the EP’s moments wouldn’t sound out of place as the backing to some of David Alban’s stranger solo tracks. Super quality and understated stuff here from Life Is A Myth.  Lounge Lurkin is out now.


JVMIE’s Quarantine Gem

Former Gold Coast Music Awards finalist for artist of the year JVMIE has spent the past few years kicking creative goals in LA and had some major release plans fall to the wayside before COVID hit. After booking the last flight home JVMIE decided to turn quarantine into an intense creative challenge, managing to write an entire album with long-distance collaborative partner Lionel Cohen. ‘You Don’t Even Know That I’m Alive’ is the latest single from the forthcoming record and sees the pair stripping things right back, producing a spacious, slow-burning electronic track that will have you relaxed and floating after the first 10 seconds. Think Massive Attacks ‘Teardrop’ meets Dido’s ‘White Flag’ and you’ll end up somewhere close to this atmospheric gem.  ‘You Don’t Even Kow That I’m Alive’ is out now.


Miss Lucy’s Mesmerizing Pop Package

After the successful release of debut single ‘All In A Day’ which was followed by an excellent remix from local electronic pop outfit IVEY, Miss Lucy is continuing his momentum with his new track ‘Ocean’. Keeping the simplistic vintage electro feel of his debut Miss Lucy injects energy with an up-tempo drum beat and some seriously funky bass hooks. ‘Ocean’ is a mesmerizing pop package that showcases this young multi instrumentalist’s musical diversity.  ‘Ocean’ is out now.


Chutney Teases Forthcoming EP

Chutney have served us up something truly special this month with the release of ‘Genie’s Lamp’, a five-minute epic that solidifies these pioneers of condiment rock as one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting new bands. Recorded locally at Lovestreet Studios, the track tips it’s hat to classic indie rock by channelling the punchy guitars of The Strokes while keeping things modern with the vocal delivery and song structure reminiscent of Catfish & The Bottlemen. As the first single from a forthcoming debut EP, stay tuned for more delicious tunes from Chutney this year.  ‘Genie’s Lamp’ is out now.


Jenna Is Living Her Best Life

17-year-old Jenna has released her second ever single this month and is displaying songwriting maturity well beyond her years. ‘Roses’ is electronic pop at it’s finest with catchy melodies at every turn, slick production and danceable beat to boot. A bright track written about living your best life, it’s Jenna’s vocal perforce and unique choice of melodies that set’s this one ahead of the pack. Jenna is yet another young Gold Coast artist with a promising future.  ‘Roses’ is out now.


Aaron Bishop’s Salty New Single

Could Aaron Bishop’s new single ‘The Surfer’ get anymore Gold Coast? Not only is it written about one of our city’s favourite pastimes, but it was also produced locally by Benny D Williams and features much loved Gold Coast musicians Eddie Ray and Ash Perrow as the backing band. An epic seven-minute dark acoustic rock track ‘The Surfer’ ebbs and flows from high energy riff-heavy guitar moments to intimate, lyric heavy mellow points. Save this one for a flat day in the ocean and hit play on ‘The Surfer’ to take a ride with Aaron Bishop and the gang instead.


Luke Howell’s Assured Debut

Luke Howell has already had a diverse and eventful music career to date, starting young as a member of X-Factor boy band What About Tonight then collaborating overseas for many years through his lasting relationships with major record labels. Now calling the Gold Coast home Howell has re-invented himself with a new solo project and is putting his best foot forward with the impressive debut single ‘Stuck On You’.  A soulful blend of RnB, electronic and acoustic elements, the track seems to be following in the stylistic footsteps of fellow TV singing contestant come credible artist Matt Corby. ‘Stuck On You’ is well written, immaculately produced and showcases immense musical maturity. Top marks for Luke Howell.  ‘Stuck On You’ is out now.


Cold Ghost Delivers Love, On The Beach

Funded by HOTA’s game-changing Rise Against The Virus fund, Cold Ghost has released a wonderfully creative concept EP inspired by the scenario set out in Nevil Shute’s 1957 novel, ‘On The Beach’.  According to songwriter Fletcher Babb “The songs are all about love. Love in the shadow of an apocalypse. Eternal Love. Love that is destined to die.” Fletcher’s impressive acoustic guitar playing provides the backing for these three beautifully composted stories that seem to uncover more meaning each time you listen. Thoughtful provoking stuff from Cold Ghost.


Psychedelic Rock + Tequila = Blitzpop

Blitzpop is the brand new international collaborative project between Gold Coast’s Josh Swan who’s single ‘Lay You Down’ was reviewed in the March edition and New York Based musician Alec Gaston. First meeting in Byron in 2018 the pair hit it off straight away, sharing a mutual love for psychedelic rock and tequila. Then following a string of creative sessions in Australia and New York, the pair managed to write and record an entire album. Debut single ‘Man On The Moon’ is a slow-moving space journey reminiscent of the vintage psychedelic style of Pink Floyd. The track has a kind of low-key progressive sound that leaves the listener hanging. ‘Man On The Moon’ definitely feels like it’s one part of a bigger body of work which has us very excited for what’s to come for this exciting new two-piece.


Lily Papas Alluring New Single

After coming onto the scene in a big way with her successful debut 2019 ‘Wild’, we predicted that Gold Coast vet nurse by day could be our next Amy Shark coming into 2020. With COVID stalling release plans, Papas held off like most other artists but has now given us what we expected with her alluring new single ‘Jackson’. More of a low key number ‘Jackson’ showcases Papas’ depth as a musician while still managing to find that pop edge reminiscent of Lana Del Ray. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Lily Papas is destined for great things, definitely one to watch.


Atlamer’s Muse Channel 80’s Dance

Hitting play on an Atlamer’s Muse track is always a thrill, as you never know what wild and wonderful sounds are going to come out of the speakers. Their latest release ‘Catch Me’ does not disappoint, this time seeing the two-piece channel 80’s electronic dance, for a vibe encouraging the use of fluro leotards and/or leopard print tights. So dig into your dress up closet, set up the strobe light and hit play on ‘Catch Me’.


Tully John & Liza-Jane’s Stunner

Tully John & Liza-Jane have finally given us their first release for 2020 and it was well and truly worth the wait. ‘Airport Lights’ is based around a driving acoustic guitar pattern, complemented by sparse piano and delicate strings sections. Stunning contrasting vocal performances express the beautiful story of a long-distance relationship between the two members. Authentic passion and love for one another are portrayed in a way that briefly transports the listener into their world for the duration of the song. ‘Airport Lights’ is truly mesmerizing.


Super Massive’s Troll Tribute

Super Massive’s new single ‘Invertebrate’ is a deeply personal track written about the outcome of an online trolling situation which saw the person publicly exposed for who they really were. The 70’s inspired dark electronic pop track is an open letter to this serial attacker, touching on themes of abuse and dealing with these kinds of situations. Press play on ‘Invertebrate’ to see how Super Massive made the best out of a bad situation.


Melissa Lukin Returns With Style

Gold Coast mother of two Melissa Lukin is back to releasing music after a long break, and has well and truly picked up where she left off with the uplifting new single ‘On The Water’. Blending ambient folk with electronic pop the track soars into life with the help of Lukin’s soft, intriguing vocals. ‘On The Water’ is an adult contemporary burner with a spiritual, almost healing quality to it. We’re looking forward to hearing what’s next with this exciting new chapter for Melissa Lukin.


Family Jordan’s Two Minute Toe Tapper

The new single from Byron Bay’s Family Jordan ‘Big Grass’ is exciting for many reasons. Not only is it an excellent single that will get your toes a tappen’ but it’s also the first signing from brand new Gold Coast label ‘Holiday Maker Records’. ‘Big Grass’ is timeless folk at it’s finest, complete with violin accompaniment and train chugging percussion. The commanding baritone vocals of singer Jordan Rochfort are delivered with an Australian twang giving the track a quirky and charming character to it. With a total song length of 2:07, you’ll be hitting play on this beauty time after time.


Parker Sounds Continue To Tease Forthcoming Album

Parker Sounds have outdone themselves this month with the release of their massive sounding second single ‘Prison Cell’. The newly formed five-piece do their influences proud by blending The Killers modern rock sensibilities with the relatable singer-songwriter vibes of Jack Johnson. This modern acoustic hybrid is brought to life with some clever production techniques and Alick Kilsby’s show-stopping vocal performance. ‘Prison Cell’ is another fantastic taste of Parker Sounds forthcoming debut album.


TYLA Releases Silky Smooth Debut EP

Following on from her debut 2019 single TYLA has now gifted us with a glistening four-track debut EP titled ‘Honey Skin’. Toying with electronic production typical of mainstream pop while softening the edge with acoustic instrumentation and beautiful harmonies, TYLA has developed her own unique sound between the lines. The title track will have you thinking about hitting the dance floor while the EP’s closer ‘Trapped Inside Your Head’ will have you relaxing back in your chair. Very impressive cohesion and a refreshing sound from this 21-year-old songstress.



Karamilk’s Tortured Track

The latest offering from Karamilk has been described by songwriter Erin Foster as a tortured track, after experiencing a rigorous road to incarnation, which included several different versions, producers and even a key change. Finally at 3 am one faithful night this year the stars aligned and ’Swimming Pool’ was finally complete and ready for us to hear after five years of writing. Collaborating with Sydney’s Sam Parker on vocals, the track channels Karamilk’s signature ambient euphoria before building slowing into a richly layered electronic pop stunner.



BUNYIP ARISTOCRACY is the brand new project from seasoned Gold Coast band leader Tyson Ray. Moving on from his former bands The Mods and Ultraviolet Fuzz, Tyson is steering BUNYIP ARISTOCRACY into classic blues territory while staying true to the low key psychedelic sounds of his past. Latest single ‘Shangri-La’ was written about finding peace of mind within yourself and could easily transport you into another dimension like any good psychedelic track could. Best consumed with headphones on and eyes closed.


Highup’s Dance Banger

Gold Coast DJ/Producer Highup has introduced himself to us this month with an absolute banger of a single ‘I Need You’.  The track draws the listener in from the very beginning with its sparse production and smooth vocals before dropping into a wonderfully slinky beat behind a huge synth lead. Layered vocal harmonies, rich production and a host of interesting acoustic sound bites help build the track to its climax in just over two minutes. ‘I Need You’ is a world-class electronic dance hit in the making.


Craving More New Music?

There has been an incredible amount of Gold Coast music released over the past month but there is only so much we can write about. If you’re craving more local tunes check out the newbie from prolific songstress Rae Leigh, the funk-infused hip-hop vibes of Hot Coffee’s freshest offering and a stunning new collaboration between James Martin and Bella Paton.

Rae Leigh


Hot Coffee


James Martin and Bella Paton – The Future

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