New Gold Coast music: February 2020

What a fantastic start to the new year. From Gold Coast recording studios, through the ears of our awesome new music columnist Zac Fahey, and fresh onto the page, just for you. That’s this month’s New Music column. Read, listen, and enjoy!

Jupiter’s Heart Break

21-year-old Gold Coast singer/songwriter Jade Jupiter gave us the best kind of Christmas gift over the holiday season with the release of her stunning single ‘HEART-BREAK’. Opening with a beautiful piano part, the track slowly progresses with the introduction of layered vocals, synth sounds and some very tactful production techniques. To find out more about Jade Jupiter check out her extremely popular YouTube channel ‘Jupiter’s Corner’.

Karl S. Williams’ Mighty Return

Blank GC issue 16 cover star and one of the Gold Coast’s most loved musicians Karl S. Williams will be releasing his sophomore album ‘Lifeblood’ on 2 February. Seven years in the making, the 11 tracks do not disappoint, bringing his signature heartfelt blues together with a notable progression towards a heavier, more fully fledged band sound. All killer, no filler from start to finish, ‘Lifeblood’ is an absolute winner. Catch Williams’ live show on 28 February at Dust Temple for the ‘Lifeblood’ album launch. Since it’s not yet released, we can’t post our super secret link, soz! Check out our full review in this month’s Blank! And be the first to hear when the new album drops here.

 Jason Delphin Takes a New Direction

Prolific songwriter and regular solo performer at bars all over the Gold Coast Jason Delphin has released his new single ‘For Better or Worse’. Well known for his high energy blues, Delphin’s newbie takes a different direction, exploring electronic sounds. ‘For Better or Worse’ was written about personal determinations and reflections over a six-month period. Recording and releasing the song just before the New Year was a cathartic process for Delphin which translates through the lyrics and beautiful production.

Feels So Right With Sunset City

Sunset City are back as a band with additional members and kicking off the year in style with their upbeat pop bouncer ‘Feels So Right’. Polished production and insanely catchy hooks at every turn the track is made for dancing and will at least have you grooving in your chair. The video takes a trip to outer space and is as slickly made as the song itself. Seriously impressive stuff from Sunset City.

In Eyes Turn The Volume Up To 11

Dubbed as Queensland’s newest alternative rock prodigies, In Eyes have just released their single and accompanying video ‘Time Won’t Wait’. Drawing influences from fellow Australian alt-rockers Tonight Alive and Hands Like Houses, the female-fronted three-piece do not hold back in the slightest with their latest offering. Soaring vocals shine over technical guitar riffs and heavy drums while the lyrics tell a meaningful story of fighting for passion while faced with mental illness. ‘Time Won’t Wait’ is best listened to with the volume set to 11.

San Mei Continues To Impress

After a breakthrough year in 2019 featuring several successful releases, a whopping 45 shows including performances at South By Southwest (SXSW) in America and her first headline tour of Australia, San Mei is continuing her momentum into the new decade with the release of ‘Hard To Face’. Showcasing her signature blend of pop rock with a raucous edge, the new single once again proves why San Mei is one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting artists. Lyrically the track reflects on mental strain, career choices, and the future. ‘Hard To Face’ will be the lead single coming into San Mei’s second consecutive appearance SXSW this year where she will no doubt do the Gold Coast proud once again.

Rae Leigh’s Message Of Hope

Rae Leigh’s beautiful debut single ‘All I Can Do’ offers a message of hope and love reflecting on the recent devastation of the Australian bushfires. Written at a songwriter’s retreat in Tamworth with collaborator Peter Dawson, the track showcases Leigh’s strong vocal presence and is a positive sign of things to come as she prepares for more new music over the coming months.

Greg Barnett’s Monumental Feat

68-year-old Mudgeeraba resident and outstandingly prolific musician Greg Barnett is keeping himself very busy during retirement with the release of 30 new tracks in a project inspired by The Beatles classic – The White Album. Ironically titled ‘The Flat White Album’ Barnett transitions between spoken word poetry, slow ballads, quirky Australiana, kids’ songs and folk rock over the 2+ hours of content. All songs were recorded in Barnett’s home and mostly revolve around impressively diverse acoustic guitar playing. The Flat White Album is a whole lot of fun and a seriously monumental feat.

Saint Lane Gives You Hickeys

Saint Lane is yet another Gold Coast artist who made a mark on the national music scene in 2019 and his latest release ‘Hickeys’ is set to launch his popularity even further into the new year. With a simplistic beat based around a reggae guitar loop, it’s Saint Lane’s catchy Polynesian-influenced melodies and carefree vocal singing style that steal the show, proving that sometimes less is more. Saint Lane isn’t afraid to demonstrate some vulnerability in this departure from his standard rap swagger, and we’re sure he’ll kick butt with his eight-show headline tour of Australia this month and show the rest of the country why we love him so much.

Vallies Cure Christmas Hangovers

Brand new Gold Coast band Vallies (PICTURED) cured all of our Christmas hangovers with the release of their impressive debut single ‘Anchor’ in on Boxing Day. The four-piece accurately describe their sound as modern stylistic post-rock pouring into the alt rock mix through indulgently intricate guitar-led melodies. Forming in August 2019 the band are already planning the release of an additional single and an EP over the coming months.

Cameron Maher’s Charming Debut Album

18-year-old Gold Coast artist Cameron Maher has come has come onto the scene in a big way with his first ever release being full-length album aptly titled ‘The Beginning’. Written, performed and recorded by Maher over an 18 month period the 11 tracks display an impressive exploration of songwriting and some diverse musical talent. Acoustic ballads intertwine with electronic pieces and folk rock tracks to create this well-rounded charming debut. Cameron Maher is definitely one to watch in 2020.

Pioneers Of Condiment Rock

Hilariously self described as Gold Coast’s pioneers of Condiment Rock, local four-piece Chutney set the tone for their fun loving debut ‘Romance & Intrigue’. The track clearly channels the sounds of Catfish & The Bottlemen and early Arctic Monkeys but finds its own distinct style through strong vocals and some impressively technical guitar parts. Written about being in love with someone boring, ‘Romance & Intrigue’ is anything but boring and will keep you entertained from start to finish.

BLIGH Hit The Mark With ‘Ghost’

Determined to release their biggest sounding song to date Bligh have well and truly hit the mark with their anthemic new single ‘Ghost’. Self described as maximalist gloss rock the Gold Coast outfit had a very productive 2019 releasing a string of singles, an EP and completing a national tour. Massive synth sounds, driving drums and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for day’s the single sets the pace for another exciting year.

JoyKill Cut Sic With New Single

Local metal band Joykill have been writing music and performing since 2017, it’s only recently with the inclusion of new guitarist / sound engineer Jacob Harmon that they have been releasing quality recorded material. Their latest single ‘Cut Sic’ is a riff heavy romp reminiscent of early Limp Bizkit mixed in with some screaming vocal parts and a catchy singalong chorus. ‘Cut Sic’ is a whole lot of fun for adults but one to keep out of reach of children.

Dodge Release Debut Single

Dodge are yet another excellent new band emerging at the turn of the decade. Their debut single ‘Mary’ is a thrashy, indie rock gem filled with bright guitars, punchy drums and a hooky pop chorus. The four-piece have big plans for 2020 with a follow-up single set for release in April and a full-length album on the cards for later in the year. ‘Mary’ shines bright with summer vibes and is a great sign of things to come from this born and bred Gold Coast band.

Harbor The Code Release Heaviest Single To Date

Harbor The Code are easily one of the Gold Coast’s heaviest bands and they have just released their most brutal single to date ‘Addicted’. The track sees all five members going absolutely mental on their respective instruments from start to finish while somehow maintaining cohesion. Matching the tone of the track the lyrics are about a disease that sinks its claws into your soul and refuses to let go. ‘Addicted’ is a well-crafted metal shredding onslaught to the senses. Catch them live at Vinnies Dive Bar on 2 February but don’t forget your ear plugs.

Elska’s such a Sweet Girl

Harp wielding indie-pop chanteuse, ELSKA, has just launched a glitter-infused music video for her latest single ‘Sweet Girl’. The 2019 Gold Coast Music Award Winner for People’s Choice delivers a visual explosion of colour, sparkle, costuming and copious amounts of tinsel in her latest disco-esque clip. The concept for the video came about as a sweet nod to ELSKA’s showbiz past, as a young dancer surrounded by stage lights and sequins.  Sweet Girl was filmed by local film crew, The Edit Suite and was produced and directed by Gold Coast music industry powerhouse boss babe, Polly Armstrong. You can catch Elska at Miami Marketta on 1 Feb. Check out the vid here!

Ella Fence gets us thinking

Another Gold Coast favourite and previous Gold Coast Music Award winner Ella Fence has released a beautifully diverse three track EP this month. The new collection of tracks titled ‘All I Do Is Think’ showcases Ella’s theatrical approach to music, transitioning between different sounds, melodies and musical parts giving the listener strong imagery at every turn. The opener ‘Pink Mojito’ is a great example of this approach, starting with a haunting electronic feel, jumping into a jangly left-of-centre pop chorus and finishing with a warped Irish flute solo. Only Ella Fence could pull this off and that’s why we love her. ‘All I Do I Think’ is one for the lovers, out 14 February. Jump onto her socials for updates!

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