New CHANGES Summit Talks The Future Of Music

We all know the times are a changin’ (again) when it comes to ‘making it’ in music and this week for its exciting inaugural outing, CHANGES Music Summit talks all things, well, changing. From music to tech to marketing, top Australian and international industry heads will gather to talk about one thing: what’s next? And, we’re all invited to join the conversation.

Taking over Melbourne’s ACU campus 4-5 July, CHANGES has assembled an impressive roster of voices for panels, one-on-one meetings, workshops and masterclasses, including SXSW Music Festival Programmer Stacey Wilhelm, Coachella’s Rishi Shah, Cherie Hu, whose work for Forbes and Billboard at the intersection of music and tech earned her Reeperbahn’s Music Business Journalist of the Year in 2017; and a host of leading Australian industry professionals.

Want to know how to crack the American market with your music? Curious about the future state of play in the digital realm? Need to wrap your head around the changing mindset of contemporary musicians? Keen to have your or your client’s music listened to by a selection of experts? CHANGES looks poised to dive deep.

And of course, there’s the 80+ live music showcases from leading labels, agencies and organisations to revel in too.

Last minute tickets are still available at If you can’t fork out for the flights, stay tuned to Blank GC’s twitter and insta as we hit the CHANGES ground running to bring you the highlights.


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