Must-catch local acts at Springtime 2021

With so many captivating acts performing at the city’s newest festival in September, we just had to highlight a handful of Gold Coast acts that are absolute must-sees on your Springtime calendar.


  1. Jake Carmody

Take what electronic music knows best, mix it with SPRINGTIME and great beats and Jake Carmody will do the rest.

With a pair of piercing blue eyes, a record assembly to melt the hearts of many and a stage presence like no other, Jake Carmody carries the potential for a sure-fire future. Thumping first-rate dance music from club house, electro to trap and hip-hop, Jake strides into the DJ booth and intrinsically knows how to intensify the energy of any crowd. Known for his mastery in the club, his tunes are always on high demand across Queensland’s blazing venues from Electric Playground, Magic City, Sin City and Vanity. It’s in the studio where the anticipation arises for this young artist, cultivating electronic music after years of producing champion hip-hop bass lines. With a penchant for eclectic mash ups, the studio doors are locked and the tunes being attended to.

What to expect: Club house and hip hop inspired by Diplo, Pharrell Williams and Mark Ronson


  1. Ivey

Ivey are Millie, Lachie, Dante, Matt and Riley, five best friends from the Gold Coast that love making music together.

The young band have been hustling their way through adolescence and the music industry, playing shows, writing music and navigating their personal lives since 2013. Off the back of successful singles through 2018-2020, Ivey found themselves supporting the likes of North East Party House, Cub Sport and Lime Cordiale and performing to adoring crowds at Falls Music and Arts Festival (NSW), The Drop (QLD) and Yalls Fest (WA).

What to expect: Super catchy indie-pop tunes


  1. Mollie Rose

Only in art will a rose grow without a thorn, and Mollie Rose is no exception. The Australian/English Artist has already achieved so much in her career. A model, social ambassador, DJ and performer – there seems to be no limit to her creative capabilities.

Her unique style, captivating energy and musical talent have since gone on to grab the attention of music producers, designers and industry creatives alike, having worked with Jeffree Star, Brody Jenner, Tiffany & Co, Prada and Vogue, to name a few.

What to expect: A wicked mix of dance, electronic, hip hop and pop


  1. Akurei

Since 2018, Akurei has shared multiple releases independently, most recently in 2020 with a collection of short EPs through sumoclic – a new label co-launched with friend and collaborator Golden Vessel. In 2021, Connor has been quietly working on a collection of new songs for release in the latter half of the year. Akurei is the solo project of Connor Grant.

What to expect: A warm, intimate blend of electronic and alternative pop.


  1. Chutney

Before they take the stage at Springtime, Chutney have already left an imprint within the South East Queensland scene, with their electrifying live shows and expressive song writing.

All four members hail from separate local Gold Coast bands Augusta, Hot Coffee & the Stingin’ Rogers, and combined in late 2019 to bring their love for lyrical indie rock together into a fully-fledged outfit. Impressively slick guitar lines, strong and memorable vocals, pounding drums and throbbing bass lines form the crux of this class line-up, all combined with a deep appreciation for high quality song writing and fan connectivity.

The four Gold Coast natives love to represent the laid-back lifestyle of their hometown, and you can expect to feel their infectious energy when seeing them live. Catching these boys is a must – don’t miss the next big thing.

What to expect: An electrifying, lyrical Indie rock show


  1. Daste

Local band from SPRINGTIME’s hometown, daste. are a trio from the Gold Coast who make chilled R&B/Soul music that can be likened to a mix between Tora, Parcels, Two Another and Leisure. Braxton and Tyler became friends in high school and then met Callum at a Popular Music degree at Griffith University. They quickly developed a connection thorough similar tastes in music, and after performing with a local band called ANNY for a few months they started playing around with a few ideas amongst them, and this inevitably led to the formation of daste.

Over the last few months they have been busy working on their debut album ‘dusk / dawn’ and between now and then we can expect to see a collection of songs from that album, including their recently released singles ‘either way’ and ‘somebody like you’.

What to expect: A mix of chilled r’n’b, soul, pop and electronic

Springtime is a FREE event that runs on stages across Surfers Paradise from 3 to 5 September. Hit up for the full lineup.

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