Music Industry Mingle: RESPECT

Diversity and inclusivity aren’t just the buzzwords of 2020. They are critical concepts, the correct implementation of which will have wide-ranging effects across all industries – particularly music.

Multiple studies and surveys have shown that the worldwide music industry has a fairly woeful track record when it comes to diversity. Understanding and awareness around these issues is the first step to changing the old hard-wired patterns and systems that make it difficult for those in previously marginalised groups to maintain a fulfilling creative life that also sustains them financially.

With a progressing society comes a growing social awareness, one in which the painfully obvious inequalities that exist within the music business can no longer be ignored. Diversity and inclusivity measures need to cut across all levels of the sector, from artists to executives, and bring the music industry into step with contemporary social norms.

With that in mind, the next Music Industry Mingle, RESPECT, will focus on inclusivity and diversity within the music industry. When it comes to diverse representation across race, culture and ability, RESPECT will look at it all, and why addressing diversity in the music industry is so important.

Facilitated by Rosie Dennis, Artistic Director of Bleach* Festival and CEO Placemakers* Gold Coast, panel participants include:

  • Lann Levinge: Indigenous multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and creative designer
  • Siala Robson: Gold Coast rapper and runner up of The Voice AU 2020
  • Viola Skyes, aka Vendetta (pictured): Professional guitarist and Musical Director, Dracula’s Cabaret

Music will be provided by Ondre Davies and a complimentary drink will be provided to attendees.

The Mingle will be held at the Bleach* Club on Tuesday 17 November from 6pm to 8pm. You must RSVP here to attend this event at Bleach* Club.

Or you can join in online for a live stream of the discussion from 6.45pm at

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