EXCLUSIVE: Migaloo’s song “We become the fire” is out today

Whales sing, so much so that Humpback whales are described as invetarate composers of songs that are “strikingly similar” to human musical traditional. And that exact harmonic structure found in nature, the backbone of the music we consume every day is the inspiration for ‘Migaloo’s Song’.

The award-winning sculpture, by local producer Guy Cooper is a giant kinetic wind harp. It’s an instrument powered by wind with a music box that plays a score in three-part harmony that Guy wrote, correlating to the humpback whale’s song in E major 7.

The sculpture is now complete with a new song released today to tie the pieces together.

‘We Become the Fire’ featuring the kinetic wind harp and local musicians is literally the final piece of the sculpture that features at SWELL Sculpture Festival.

“We as humans have a connection to our natural world, utilising acoustics and science, to create harmony with all living things on our planet,” says creator Guy Cooper. “Sound is an auditory perception of the brain’s response to vibrational patterns observed by our senses. Art, design and psychoacoustics create a hidden link, that connects all life.”

“The sculpure and song was always the plan,” Guy told Blank Gold Coast, “build the instrument and then use it to make the song.”

Guy says the sculpture itself and his motivation for building it is a symbolic and emotional expression of how he feels.

“Through a series of unfortunate events, life can deal you some bad situations,” he said.

“This sculpture represents to me the energy and passion to break through that, rise above it for myself and do something epic, challenge myself to do better and bring it to life.”

“You are in control of your actions, sometimes things seem insurmountable, but these are the moments you need to stand up and move forward. You can give into depression and let trauma eat you alive, burning in the flames… or you can become the fire.”

Read our feature story about Guy Cooper and his sculpture here.

Listen to ‘We become the fire’ here:


‘We become the fire’ lyrics

Break my heart, break my head, I’m getting stronger.
Throw me around, then turn me upside down.
As we rise, WE BECOME THE FIRE!Rising-up and making the most of it, shining lights to show me the way,
Raise the globe up with a little love, raise it with your hands each day.I know I can do better than, better than the way I am,
I know we can do better than, so get up and take my hand.

Song credits

released September 13, 2017
Guy Cooper (Charlie Rebel, Mickey, Sook, Reichelt, Too Right Mate) – Lyrics/Melody, Vocals, Keys, Migaloo’s Song Harp, Percussion.
Nick Rebel (Charlie Rebel) – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Torr (Charlie Rebel) – Drums
Teigan Le Plastier (Being Jane Lane) – Vocals
Mickey Van Wyk (Mickey) – Vocals
Ben Le Strange (Ok Cowboys) – Guitar
Julia Rose (Julia Rose) – Vocals, Bass
Kirk Mesmer (Sook) – Vocals, Guitar
Loustar (Banks of the Beautiful) – Vocals
Benny D Williams (Benny D Williams) – Vocals, Percussion
Kate Leopold (Leopold’s Treat) – Vocals
Felicity Lawless (Felicity Lawless) – Guitar
Lecia Louise (Lecia Louise) – Vocals

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