Meet You at the Markets, Part 8: Totally Rawesome

Jay and Jen are the creators behind Totally Rawesome, a turmeric paste developed to reduce inflammation and optimise health and wellness.

Totally Rawesome was the product of treating their dear Golden Retriever, Neylah who had an operation due to hip and ACL issues, and afterwards was dealing with continual pain.

After being told their pup would need to be on lifelong steroids and medication to manage the pain, they turned to a more natural solution.  Always naturopathically inclined, they decided to take their pupper’s healing into their own hands, making the first batch of Totally Rawesome.

Sourcing high quality turmeric powder, they developed their first paste, successfully treating their dear pup Neylah. Jen said, “literally the next day Neylah was like a puppy again.”   Her inflammation minimised and they had their happy, healthy dog back, enjoying life to the fullest.

Turmeric is a superfood that reduces inflammation, boosts skin health and has numerous other benefits.

They knew the were onto something, so when Jen was pregnant with their third son, she began to put the hours into bringing the business to life, starting to set up and run their business at multiple markets across the Gold Coast.

After preparing the paste in a commercial kitchen, creating the branding, a website, booking into local markets, finally six years ago Jen launched Totally Rawesome at the Palm Beach Markets, completely selling out on their first day of trade.

Since then they expanded to the Burleigh Markets on Saturday and HOTA markets on Sunday and their friendly presence always brightens your day.  Pop in for a sample, and walk away with a jar of golden goodness to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Their turmeric paste makes a great alternative to your morning coffee.  Simply blend with hot water, honey and rice milk, and viola, you have a tasty morning beverage aiding you naturopathically to severely reduce inflammation and feel better.

Their business took another positive turn when a local YouTube influencer tried their product.

A skilled footy player, injured due to the game, experienced hugely positive results after just trying their product for a week.  Appearing on crutches when they first met him, and walking comfortably to their stall the following week, he was so stunned with the results that he plugged their product on his YouTube channel, sending hundreds of clients their way.

For Jay and Jen, Totally Rawesome is still their side hustle, however they have plans to extend and expand their reach.  They foresee their product eventually being stocked in health food stores and boutique supermarkets, starting to sell at a commercial level.

Catch Jay and Jen each weekend, at the Burleigh Markets on Saturday and HOTA markets Sunday.

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