Meet you at the Markets Part 5: Rob and Di

Rob and Di are avocado specialists.  They grow them, pick them, sort them and sell them.  These avocado aficionados can even make you a custom pack, telling you the exact day your avo will be ready to join your toast and fetta.

Blank magazine caught up with Rob and Di to chat about farming, the markets and life in between.

You will find Rob, Di or their son Malcolm at many of the local Farmer’s Markets scattered around the coast and beyond, selling their high-quality produce to locals – regularly selling out.  Farming is a family affair, three generations living on their family home and farm for over 50 years.  Di, a local Goldy gal, was born on the property which is now their livelihood and home.

Rob and Di have been married and partners in crime for 49 years, after being set up by their mothers, they wed in 1972.  Six years after marrying they bought Di’s parents farm in Tallebudgera Valley, which was at the time producing bananas and feeding dairy cattle.

In ‘78 they planted new guinea cavendish bananas, transitioning to lady finger bananas in the late 80s.  In 1983 after challenges with panama disease, they decided to transition to avocado farming, their banana plantation nourishing and growing their avocado trees.

By ‘91 they were primarily avocado farmers, selling to local agents who would distribute their produce to local fruit shops and green grocers.  Unfortunately selling to agents was not financially feasible, the market price constantly changing with demand, the farmer often getting paid long after their produce has changed hands, losing majority of the funds through fees and charges.

Barely being able to make ends meet, Rob and Di set up a stall at the local farmers markets in ‘98, abandoning the agents, profiting directly from their first-class avos.

Naturally, they were a huge hit at the markets, customers often getting to their stall at the wee hours of the morning to secure their delicious fruit.  This decision to sell at the markets was not only financially rewarding but also allowed Rob and Di to form beautiful friendships with the local market goers.

Rob will admit, “We’re not cheap, but we offer a first-class service with a top-quality fruit. We’re specialists, we’ve done this for donkey’s years, and we know our fruit inside out back to front.  We grow it. We pick it. We ripen it and we sell it.”

The pair truly are avocado experts, happy and open to share their knowledge and produce with others.

Catch them at the Burleigh, Palm Beach and Brisbane Powerhouse Farmer’s Markets Saturday mornings and at HOTA Markets of a Sunday.

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