Meet you at the Markets, Park 6: FurrTrition

I’ll be totally honest, it was my furry who first led me to Furrtrition.

Owners of a successful pet food and supplies business, FurrTrition, Jeff and Lynn, work and live from a place of passion and purpose; ensuring they serve top quality treats to our beloved ‘furries,’ allowing them to live their happiest, healthiest and tastiest lives.

Blank caught up with Jeff and Lynn to learn about their story and discover how these ex-café owners began making waves in the space of pet nutrition.

First a head chef, and later café owners, Jeff and Lynn first started making nutritious pet meals treats in 2007 after taking the health of their gorgeous daschund Seska into their own hands.  Their furry had been suffering from pancreatic issues and providing her with high quality nutrition had accelerated her healing.

Knowing they were onto something, they began to sell their nutrient-dense treats at their café, the Lunch Basket in Mermaid Beach.

Lynn is the mastermind behind their delicious and nutritious treats, stating that, “the predominant thing we wanted to do was to make sure that all of our products weren’t just an empty calorie treat, that they actually did something for the animal, whether it was increasing protein, helping with muscle stiffness and aches – we wanted all of our products to have a naturopathic benefit to it.”

This they did. Jeff and Lynn pride themselves on their high-quality products with everything locally sourced and prepared by an esteemed chef – so know by supporting FurrTrition, you are well and truly shopping local.

When you chat with Jeff and Lynn it is obvious that they are not in this for the money.  They are really driven by empowering people to provide better nutrition and food for their pets, and the countless beautiful relationships they have formed with their clients and their beloved furries echoes this notion.

Lynn fondly told me that often, “FurrTrition is the first port of call to announce pet news, from a new addition to a sad loss.

It’s beautiful to be a part of our customers’ lives and have that relationship with not only them, but also their furry.

FurrTrition has been servicing local markets since 2012.  They sell a range of pet treats, which they can tailor to your pet’s dietary requirements or needs, from pet soup – a gentle and nutritious meal that is excellent for furries with sensitive stomachs through to low fat, high protein treats.

Catch Jeff or Lynn at your local farmer’s markets – Emerald Lakes on Thursdays, Burleigh Heads on Saturdays and the Nerang Markets on Sundays, or once a month at the Makers Markets in Raby Bay. I guarantee your day will be lightened by their kind and positive approach to business.

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