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The Edit Suite is a video production and photography enterprise located in Varsity Lakes. Since 2016, they’ve played an integral part in the production of the Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMAs), consistently delivering video performance and promotional content such as highlights reels of the highest standard. And there’s plenty more that they’re involved with, including their recently launched podcast studio for hire.

The company were presented with a unique challenge for this year’s GCMAs as a result of COVID-19. We recently had a chat with The Edit Suite’s brains-trust to discover, amongst other things, how they delivered on the night of the awards, their video making formula, a few of the other creative outlets they’re involved with as well as how they’re morphing their business model to adapt to current COVID-19 circumstances.

How did your involvement with the most recent Gold Coast Music Awards play out?

As a result of the recent developments in the world with COVID-19, the team at GCMA came to us with the idea of a Virtual Awards Presentation. Immediately our creative team, led by Jared our content manager, got excited about the concept of producing a 90-minute video package for the 2020 Awards show. The package included a visual identity based around the awards iconic ‘Skull Murphy’ logo and incorporated elements of traditional theatre, like ‘Super 8’ style film leaders and grungy film textures. All the awards partners and special guests sent in at-home clips of themselves either presenting an award or congratulating a winner. In total, we had around fifty different videos sent in from artists and sponsors from all over the globe, as well as six performances from local artists playing at home.

Could give us a basic walk-through of what goes into the making of a music video?

Producing a music video is no different to producing films, documentaries and television shows. It follows three basic stages; pre-production, production and post-production.

We start in pre-production with the artist, sitting down and breaking down the lyrics and story of the song. Our creative team then brainstorm the visual ideas and storytelling elements. Once we’ve created a solid concept we organise all the nitty-gritty details like location, talent, costuming, make-up and props.

Production is when all the pieces of the puzzle align and we get everything captured in-camera. Usually, we’ll play the track for the artist while we’re filming so the final piece looks as natural as possible if there’s any lip-syncing involved.

We then get stuck into the editing process in post-production, which generally involves an assembly edit, visual effects, motion graphics and colour grade. Most importantly we go through a series of comprehensive revisions to make sure we’re telling the story of the song as best we can. Usually, the artist will come into the studio during the editing process, giving key feedback which we use to produce the final piece.

Who are some of the more interesting clients you’ve worked with and what did you create with them?
Stories that stand out from recent memory are; a San Mei behind the scenes video of her walking viewers through her creative process, a music video for local artist Elska, and of course the GCMA 2020 Awards, which was our first experience in creating an online awards show! Burleigh Brewing, Destination Gold Coast, Study Gold Coast, and World Surf League are just a few of the other clients we’ve created content for recently. And last year we had the opportunity to head to Melbourne to create hype content for the UFC and Visit Victoria, which was an insanely cool project!

Who are the key players in the world of The Edit Suite? And outside of video production, what other creative visual outlets are you involved with?

We just love producing content in all formats – we’re a full digital production house! Josh our Co-Founder has been a professional photographer for a decade as well as a motion graphics designer on top of his videography talents. Our head of content Jared is an extremely talented motion graphics designer who is also an extremely talented videographer. Co-Founder Kara is the glue that keeps The Edit Suite together, managing projects from start to finish. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her professionalism and love for the business.

In addition to video production we also provide photography, drone photography and motion graphics services. And we recently launched a new business, the GC Podcast Studio, which is a professional podcast recording studio for hire.

How have you had to adapt your business model as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We lost a lot of work overnight and had to let a couple of people go, which was sad and scary. Knowing most people were going through the same thing and that help was on its way via the government incentives made it less of a panic though. We still had a lot of edits to get through as well as the GCMAs 2020, so there was enough to keep us ticking along.

Josh set up the aforementioned GC Podcast Studio adjacent to The Edit Suite. Through our networks we already have regular podcasts being recorded and produced in-house as well as clients using the space as a dry hire space to record and produce their own podcasts. Josh also started his own podcast where he speaks with creatives about how they are dealing with the current situation. It has been very exciting creating content in a slightly different medium and we are really happy with how it’s all panning out.
The future seems to be changing so randomly, so we are always on our toes, ready to adapt. The music industry has had to do the same over the past couple of months and it’s been really interesting to see the influx of visual content and live-streamed content popping up on social media.

To find out more about The Edit Suite and what they do, head on over to their website.


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