Meet Amy Roberts

Whether she’s volunteering as a music teacher in Nepal, singing and playing guitar at a local gig, or listening back to one of her 629 recorded voice memos for material, Amy Roberts lives and breathes music. We caught up with Amy to get an insight into her incredible musical brain.

What’s your favourite thing about being a musician?

The coolest thing to me is when I hear someone humming my song or singing my lyrics. I find it wild that anyone would care, because there’s so many talented people that you can listen to! So, its super fulfilling and humbling.

You’ve been gigging full-time for 2-3 years now. What made you want to start studying Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University on top of that? 

I actually found that I had heaps of free time because most of my gigs were towards the end of the week. So, I figured that it was the perfect thing to compliment what I was already doing. Anyone can be self-taught at anything, but I just wanted to improve and it’s nice having a structure to help you do that.

How have you found it so far?

Its so fun, I love the practical classes! We have a class called ‘creative music practice’ where you get put into bands and you get to just make music with other people. Also, the teachers are so friendly and I’ve received plenty of opportunities from them.

That’s awesome! Do you have a stand-out opportunity you’ve received?

Well through my musical theory teacher, Sam, I’m actually playing my first festival at the next Bluesfest! He was already playing and they needed another singer so he recommended me! The teachers really help in getting gigs, which is so nice.

Where do you get inspiration to make music from?

I do a lot of journaling and I have a very active dog, so I walk a lot and record a lot of voice memos.

Ahh yes the voice memos, every musician’s staple in 2021! How many do you have recorded in your phone right now?

*checks voice memos* 629! It’s funny because you don’t even remember them. Every now and then I’ll just do a Russian roulette and click on a recording on my phone to listen to and it will be very hit and miss. If I’m washing the dishes sometimes I’ll just put my phone on record and freestyle.

You can keep up to date with Amy on Instagram @amyjohnroberts.

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