The clit gets spotlit in new Brunswick flick

‘Me and Her’ is a documentary that explores a far more intimate topic than the name suggests.  For her first solo project outside of her company Drishti Videography, local filmmaker Vicky Jay has chosen to spotlight the clitoris.

Yes, yes, yes clitoris, and before you get all uncomfortable, first ask yourself why you might feel a little squeamish, or squirm in your seat? This is part of the point of the documentary; the lack of education and communication around this important female body part. Vicky asks “Why don’t we talk about the clitoris, or talk about women’s sensuality, and sexual pleasure? Who told us it’s not ok?”

This short (40 minute) documentary is visually super simple utilising talking heads – filmed interviews of 53 Australian women of all ages and walks of life. Vicky begins each interview with the question, “How old were you and how did you meet your clitoris?”

The responses to this question turned into 53 very different conversations, which raise issues from abuse, emancipation, LGBTQI+ relationships, education, religion, and politics. The stories are as unique as the women and reveal intimate details that range from poignant to funny, from shame to life-altering horse rides.

Vicky makes it clear that ‘Me and Her’ is not about promiscuity or even about ‘pussy power’, it’s about removing the taboo around the clitoris and a woman’s right to joyous and pleasurable sex. The documentary gives a diverse range of women a voice, and encourages further conversation. If that conversation happens to make you a little uncomfortable it gives the cheeky filmmaker a little kick, and it also highlights the need to keep talking.

Not just for women, ‘Me and Her’ is an education for men as well, pushing the boundaries of understanding and communication.

‘Me and Her’ premiers at the Brunswick Picture House on 27 February with a short comedy act, and a Q + A with director Vicky Jay. It’s the only public showing before a run at international film festivals.

Watch the trailer on YouTube then take your girls and/or your man for an entertaining and enlightening evening. There will be a raffle on the evening with prizes from local businesses, the proceeds of which will be donated to Desert Flower Foundation, a project raising awareness about female genital mutilation.

Tickets are available at

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