Meet Mattymadeit

Matthew Grey, who follows the stage alias ‘Mattymadeit,’ is a multi-talented producer, instrumentalist, writer, dancer, and Southern Cross University music student. We spoke about discovering Gold Coast’s sound, working on a film soundtrack, and why it pays to be nice to everyone you meet!

You’re a producer who is savvy with numerous instruments and electronically as well. Is it essential to have a skillset in both these days?

It’s not a must, but I think it certainly makes you more valuable. I find that a lot of what I’m doing as a producer is basically playing the whole rhythm section for a vocalist, but in a lot of cases I find myself doing everything digitally.

What sort of projects have you been working on recently?

Well I just finished scoring a full soundtrack for a film! It’s called ‘Western Culture’ with a production company in the Gold Coast, and it was almost 30 songs which was about a year’s worth of work.

Wow, how did that even come about?!  

I actually worked with the Director’s partner five years ago at a Gold Coast theme park and we spoke about working together but nothing eventuated from it. Then I got a call out of the blue last year asking if I’d be interested! I’m definitely a believer that certain opportunities are meant for you, so you’ve got to be prepared to say yes when they come around. It’s a bit of a testament to be as cool as you can with people because you don’t know what they might have to offer you.

What can we expect next from Mattymadeit?

I’m about to work with a bunch of new local Gold Coast artists. I’m really trying to help bolster a sound and a community around the Gold Coast/Brisbane area for up-and-coming fusion music. I want to bring the jazz players and put them in the same room as the rappers to try find common ground. We all live in the same place so there’s bound to be something cohesive.

What made you decide to start studying music at Southern Cross University 10 years after high-school?

I’m already a freelance producer so I’m just enlarging my skill set and deepening my understanding of all things music. How you apply the knowledge you receive is up to you. It’s certainly provided a lot of new connections and opportunities.

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