Matt Corby + Eliott + BLESSED: Live gallery and review | Miami Marketta | Sunday 7 April 2019

“You have been a delicious crowd tonight,” Matt Corby smiled at the audience, barefoot and wearing a cap backwards behind his drum kit, centre-stage. “Absolutely delicious.”

Playing to a sold out crowd at the Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta, Matt Corby and his band worked magic into the air on Sunday 7 April 2019. Supported by singer/songwriter Eliott and future soul artist BLESSED, the crowd was enamored by poignant lyrics, soul and arresting vocals.

It’s hard to put the energy in the air into words. Redolent, enchanting and dream-like, would be a few. Per album order (and in true Aussie fashion), Corby opens with ‘Light my Dart’, an ode to friendship, with each band member angelically lit with a white spotlight.

The audience is made up of all ages, though dominated by mostly 20-somethings, donning a hat and a beer in hand. Couples, friends and solo fans are jamming out together to the transporting psychedelic neo-soul; eyes closed, bodies goose-bumping.

Completely at ease, Corby is bopping his head, clicking his fingers – and quite clearly, absolutely in his element. Already a man of mystery; with his last Instagram upload dating back to July 2013, Corby kept quiet during the show and avoided song explanations, or even spoken storytelling to the audience. Corby lets his music and lyrical craftery do the talking.

Thought still musically potent and impactful,’Rainbow Valley’ seems to show new notes of simplicity and joy. Lyrically, things are stripped back and crisper.

The album is heavily inspired by the environment – particularly his own backyard in Northern NSW, which the album is named after. Corby plays into his connection with his home soil, weaving samples of chirping birds from his properties into songs. When Corby brings out a flute, there’s even fewer dry eyes in the room.

Closing with the bluesy ‘Souls A’Fire’ from 2011 album ‘Into The Flame’, the stage was lit in reds and magentas. Though as the band filed off the stage in farewell, the crowd unsurprisingly demanded an encore – and Corby delivered, ending the night with ‘Miracle Love’.

Even if there had been no audience and nothing but an empty room, you have the sense that Matt Corby would have been right there anyway, playing his music in the exact same way.

IMAGES (c) Sophia Sorensen

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