MASSIVE BAND calls out for musical women and girls

Ever wanted to play in a band? Now is your time! MASSIVE BAND brings together around a hundred women and girls to create one, ginormous rock band.

A music project by composer, drummer and percussionist Bree van Reyk, MASSIVE BAND provides informal music training and the opportunity to perform on stage in a ‘safety-in-numbers’ environment, in what is often a male-dominated space.

It aims to provide a safe and inclusive space for women and girls to make some noise, bringing together 100 women to participate in a rock music performance.

This is an open call out for any women, non-binary, trans and female identifying community members who want to make some noise.

Through a series of free workshops hosted by BLEACH* with professional musicians and mentors, participants will learn to play three songs alongside Bree (and other rad female musicians!) and perform at BLEACH* 2021.

No prior musical experience is required to join MASSIVE BAND – women of all ages are encouraged to come along and have a play.

Bree van Reyk is a drummer, percussionist, composer and sound artist who makes unconventional and tradition-challenging performance works. Her music resides in the intersection between contemporary classical, indie-rock and performance art and is equally warm-hearted, celebratory, and focussed on issues of equality.

Leading Australian musicians will mentor less experienced players of MASSIVE BAND throughout the workshops, and come the weekend of 14 and 15 August, the band will perform a set of classic rock hits and improvised soundscapes at the Burleigh hub of this year’s Bleach* Festival.

Women and girls of all ages and varying degrees of musical experience are encouraged to join the band and get their rock ‘n’ roll star on for a day at Justin’s Park. Register your interest here.

IMAGE (c) Chris Frape

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