Mako Road drop new album ‘Stranger Days’ plus bonus single and vid

Mako Road spill all about their just-released debut album ‘Stranger Days’ and upcoming Australian tour.

Beloved kiwi four-piece Mako Road have just dropped their long-awaited debut full length album ‘Stranger Days’, a groovy, eight track indie-rock record that has already spawned a slew of hit singles including ‘Surfing on Mars’, ‘Helicopter’ and Don’t Keep Me Waiting’.

Produced by band members Connor Jaine and Rhian Ward, engineered by James Goldsmith (Mermaidens, Beastwars, Into Orbit) and mastered by Chris Chetland (Savage, Snoop Dogg, Lorde, Drax Project, Scribe), ‘Stranger Days’ is now available digitally through the usual channels and on vinyl through the band’s website.

Packed full of the band’s signature psych-surf grooves and hooky melodies, Mako Road’s fourth and latest single ‘Anywhere You’d Like to Go’ dropped the same day as the album, along with a snappily edited video of the boys doing what they do best on various festival stages. The clips perfectly encapsulate the group’s tight-knit bond and captivating stage presence which have seen them comprehensively adopted by Australian music lovers.

This proud independent act from Christchurch has been making waves across the globe since their debut, with a whole bunch of sell out live shows and festival sets under their belts, and their previous single and EP releases seeing tens of millions of streams online.

October and November see Mako Road head off to tour ‘Stranger Days’ throughout Australia and New Zealand. We shot a few questions to guitarist Connor ahead of the upcoming shows.

I loved the shots of band huddles in the ‘Anywhere You’d Like To Go’ vid. How would you describe the relationship between the band members?

It started as friends but after sharing so much time and space together it’s definitely a bit more like brothers. Long hours on road and late nights can exhaust everyone and sometimes we get a li’l grumpy with each other, but there’s always laughs and smiles. A bit like a li’l family! AWWWWWWWWW.

You all look so comfortable on the stage. What was your most memorable live music experience together? 

Oooooo we got stage-charged at a gig up in Mangawhai and Rhian (our singer) got taken out by a couple of crowd members, which is fun.

Check out the just-released video for ‘Anywhere You’d Like To Go’ below:

Tell us a bit about the process of creating your debut album. Did things go as expected, was it fun, challenging, and were there any cool stories from the process?

We went away for a writing session in the beautiful lake Taupo and grinded the songs out there. Lots of coffee and jogs. Some of the songs were brewing for a while but most of them we wrote at the lake.

Definitely a challenge but always fun. We put a lot of thought in to trying to make a coherent body of work, so it was a bit of process in trying to sift through the stuff we already had and seeing whether it fit the concept for the album. But also trying to balance all that with not over thinking it too much!

You must be feeling the love from your Aussie fans! Do you think it’s the surf vibes that resonate so strongly with Australian audiences, or something else? 

Yeah definitely reckon its surf vibes. I think it comes down to having quite a similar culture and love for tunes that suit the sunshine yanno!


  1. Biggest musical influence: Oooof no single influence but I personally love the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  2. Artist you would most like to collab with on a track: Matt Corby would be a buzz.
  3. Favourite song from your new album: I like ‘Lost My Tongue’. Think its funky and weird.
  4. Dream stage, venue or event to play: Glastonbury. But would love to play any international festival.
  5. Most embarrassing public moment: Spitting out some chat while on stage and getting crickets as a response.

Have you thought about what’s next for you guys, after the release and tour?

More tunes! And then more tours! Hoping to get overseas but I think that’s a while off now.

Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

Thanks for listening to our tunes! Love you lots x

Now the important part for Aussie fans: The original Mako Road ‘Stranger Days’ tour dates (Aug/Sep) are being rescheduled to October and November. So if you missed out on tix the first time, it’s definitely worth hitting up the waitlists so you can be notified first about new dates and venues. Visit to put your name down, and to grab your copy of ‘Stranger Days’ on vinyl, out today. You can also listen to the album right now on Spotify below.

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