Magical musical moments with Hollow Coves

Global indie-folk success story Hollow Coves are back in the spotlight, having just dropped their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Moments’ (which we have also recently reviewed).

The intrepid duo, consisting of co-guitar/vocalists Matt Carin and Ryan Henderson, experienced somewhat of a meteoric rise during 2018 off the back of their song ‘Coastline’, which took out song of the year honours at the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards (they also claimed  the ‘Breakout Artist of the Year’ award in the same year.) Their debut EP, ‘Wanderlust’, which also’ came out in 2018, solidified the duo’s burgeoning reputation, with the new record and subsequent touring schedule, both here and abroad, set to continue their rapid musical ascension.

We were very pleased to be able to grab a chat with the guys before they head off for a bunch of European shows.

First of all, congratulations on the release of your debut album, ‘Moments’, you must be very proud!?

Thank you so much. It’s crazy to think back on how much time went into making this record and the whole process that it went through. Going into the album we had written a lot of ideas. We wanted to develop our sound but also stay consistent to what we had already released. However, we also just wanted to be respectful of the music that we were writing naturally. After the feedback we got from the first EP, we knew we wanted to write songs that could help to encourage and uplift people.

The album was produced by Chris Bond, who has worked with some amazing artists, like Ben Howard and Xavier Rudd. We thought he would be a great fit because he has not only produced albums that we were massive fans of, but he also plays drums and bass, which were the main elements we were missing. We recorded it in his studio in Devon in the UK over multiple lengthy trips. A lot of time and hard work went into record but we are pumped with the result.

Any plans to release it on vinyl?

Yes! This is something we’re super excited about. A lot of people have been asking for vinyl so we’re glad to finally make it happen.

Do you guys still have a strong connection with and affinity for the Gold Coast? And what are a few of your favourite local haunts and places to hang-out?

Yeah for sure. I actually spent much of my youth coming down here for surf trips when I used to live in Brisbane. I’ve now lived on the Gold Coast for the past seven years. Ryan and I both live in a shared house now in Palm Beach with four of our best mates. The community we have around us has been amazing and they are all super supportive of our music.

Our go-to spot at the moment is a little café called Highline in Palm Beach. Great coffee and great vibes. Our crew is there most mornings. We would definitely recommend checking it out.

With a love of travel as well as music, this must be somewhat of a dream job for you! Do you have a highlight that springs to mind when it comes to a particular overseas gig/event that you’ve played so far?

We’ve been super blessed that our music has enabled us to do so much traveling around the world and see so many amazing places. There have been many incredible cities we’ve played in, but we’d have to say Montreal in Canada tops them all. The audience there is just so passionate about music and always has the best energy. They’re quiet in the quiet songs, cheer the loudest after every song and sing the loudest. It’s just such a treat playing to a crowd like that.

I was reading about your top five travel destinations and the amazing places you’ve managed to get to so far. Do you have somewhere new on your travel/music bucket list that you’d love to get to in 2020?

That was a really fun article to write! Yeah for sure, there are so many places in the world that we are hanging out to get to – South America, South Africa, Iceland and New Zealand are just a few on the ever-increasing list.

I see you’re about to embark on a big European tour, playing places like Germany, The Netherlands and The UK. You must be really looking forward to that! Do you have an established fan-base over there already? And how do you think you’ll go transitioning back from a European winter to a sweltering hot Aussie summer!?

Yeah, it’s actually our first ever headline tour over there. The response has been insane so far and pretty much all the European dates have sold out already. Our music has somehow connected with people over there and things are slowly starting to happen which we are incredibly grateful for. Coming back to the Australian summer will be brutal, but we live on the beach so it’s not so bad. Many swims will occur.

You’ll also be embarking on a national tour in January in support of the new album. To what degree has your live performance developed and grown since you first started out?

It’s been quite a while since we’ve toured Australia and we’re super pumped for these shows. We’ve been working really hard on developing our live show. We’re going out with a full band behind us to make the experience more dynamic and energetic. The show is definitely going to be bigger and more fun than ever!

Be sure to wrap your ears around Hollow Coves spectacular debut full length album, ‘Moments’, and keep an eye out for their upcoming national tour.

IMAGE: Lamp Photography

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