Low Lying Clouds roll in with colourful new single ‘Inadequate’

As the ever-evolving local music scene dominates the charts, it seems that lockdowns are motivating up-and-comers to push even harder for their stage time. Controversial themes and discussions about mental health are now more relevant than ever, as younger audiences are thirsty for relatability and positivity. If you’re chasing a smooth and colourful sound that delivers on all these notes, look no further than prog-hop band, Low Lying Clouds.

Born from the talent of JMC and The Conservatorium of Music, the band of five Northern Rivers and Brissy boys formed in 2018. After some time spent playing the local scene and defining their jazz/rock aesthetic, ‘LLC’ dropped five killer tunes on Spotify in 2020, and are releasing their best track on 23 August. We wanted to chat with the band’s down-to-earth singer Evan to talk about the new single ‘Inadequate’:

“It’s basically about not wanting to fail anymore. It’s kind of a back-and-forth between me and my mental health. Hopefully it’s somewhat uplifting.”

After finding success with a new manager, the band were psyched to shoot their first music video in a friend’s Queenslander in Brisbane, featuring well-known game show host Aimon Clarke:

“The idea was to be bullied for losing during a boardgame marathon and throw a tantrum. We all kind of storyboarded together and fleshed it out. Carmen (the director) made it all look good.”

The set was no short of a good time, and the behind-the-scenes are packed with hilarious moments of Evan trashing the house by throwing mounds of Trivial Pursuit cards and Connect Four pieces in the air.

“It was actually really easy. Don’t see what all the fuss is about. We got free pizza; everything went smoothly… it was super fun. Shout out to Aimon for jumping into the video!”

It’s pretty obvious that in any good band, friendship is the glue. We knew the boys must have some great stories in their four-year history, from playing festivals to their favourite venues:

“At Goats on Grass, a small bush-doof that our friends ran, a huge storm hit the festivities, drenching everything and nearly blowing over a bunch of tents! By some miracle we still got to play our set. The whole scene of people running and slipping around in this one patch of mud was hilarious.”

With a few gigs lined up and more hits in the pipeline, ‘Low Lying Clouds’ look like a storm that won’t blow over. In terms of their goals:

“Not having to cancel shows. Hopefully play some festivals? Go back to Goats on Grass. Definitely do an album. Play in a different country. Why not?”

Follow the ‘LLC’ boys on Insta @lowlyingclouds and Spotify to catch their latest gig and release news. You can also catch Low Lying Clouds at The Brightside Brisbane for the ‘Inadequate’ launch on Friday night 3 September.

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