Love Peace Help The World: Candice Dianna

Talented local songstress Candice Dianna has just released a soulful new single in the form of a reggae/r&b infused gem which goes by the name of ‘Love Peace Help The World’.

The song serves as a tribute to her nephew Josh, who passed away in tragic circumstances in 2017.

And in an exciting development for her musical aspirations, the song has been licenced for use by a new TV program called ‘Project You’, currently being filmed in Melbourne.

We recently chatted to the vibrant and spiritually aligned chanteuse herself to gain an insight into the new number, as well as what’s in store for her moving forward.

Congratulations on the release of your sweet new single, ‘Love Peace Help The World’. Can you put us in the picture as to how the track came about and the creative process that brought it to life?

Well actually, I found the greatest thing on earth early last year (when I was making my track ‘Flow’) which is that you can purchase backing beats online!

This cut down the studio/programming process so much for me, which was great because I really love the creative process of writing the lyrics, the melody and singing. For me, this was huge because it saved me a massive amount of time and money. Every musician has a strong point and it’s usually the thing that they enjoy doing the most. For me, that is not programming ha ha!

So, I found a beat which I used for the track ‘Love Peace Help the World’ when I was sifting through all the beats for sale out there in the World Wide Web. It’s a lo-fi track made by Danneybtracks on YouTube.

After I downloaded the track, I listened to it on repeat and let the words and melody come to life by speaking naturally from the heart and soul… telling a story; my story, our story, our family’s story and Josh’s story.

I understand that the song has been licenced by a new TV program being filmed in Melbourne called ‘Project You’ – you must be excited by that! What will this opportunity mean for you?

This is huge for me! It’s so strange how the world works and how things come about… I’ve always wanted to work in the recording studio and I’ve always loved television and film.

The TV show will be airing on Channel 9 and then Netflix so you can imagine from a career perspective how big this is for me. Not to mention the team that I have connected with and how incredible they are, with their purposeful vision in this world. This is another really important thing to me, having purpose and doing things to improve the evolution of spiritual healing, awareness and awakening. To help raise the vibration of the whole planet and bring everyone closer to each other to themselves and to God and kindness.

The TV show is all about that. I have always been heavily interested in personal development, spiritual growth and philosophy. I pretty much only read books about these topics. My sister thinks I’m quite boring with my choice of books but I absolutely love it. And that is exactly what the show is about. I couldn’t have connected with a more perfect alignment.

Are you working on any other new music at the moment, and if so when can we expect to hear it?

I am very focused on the television show at the moment because we are still finishing another track. But with my own original music I have a few I’m working on in the background, so when the time is right I’ll sit down and finish them. To be honest it doesn’t take me very long at all to do a song, it’s more about where I’m at energetically when I record and write. So I will wait for the moment that is right for the right song and everything will be as it’s meant to be.

As we (hopefully) start moving out of the worst of the pandemic impacts, what’s in store for you, both musically and personally, over the coming 12 months? 

Well I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too much, but I’ll be having an ongoing role as the music creator for season two of ‘Project You’, so a lot of my focus will be on that.

Having an entrepreneurial type brain I’m also at times focusing on my beauty business and I’ve recently been working towards starting up a venue, which I’m hoping to open later next year.

I also sing at weddings, corporate and private events and music festivals and in between I’m a mother to three beautiful children and I have the blessing of spending time with them in our beautiful city of the Gold Coast.

Candice Dianna’s moving new single, ‘Peace Love Help The World’ is available now via the usual channels. Be sure to check out the video to the song below, which was shot in the pristine surrounds of Murwillumbah.

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