Local music platform Loudar aims to generate money for artists and fans

An exciting new musical platform called Loudar that promises to earn money for artists and fans has recently been launched by Gold Coast duo Mac Mikosik and Tom Chwieduk.

With a simple, yet rewarding idea of online video promotion, the team behind Loudar hopes to revolutionise the way music is promoted while providing financial rewards and incentives for all parties involved in the music cycle.

Musicians themselves, Mac says he and Tom initially came up with the blueprint for Loudar a couple of years ago after experiencing personal difficulties in making music a sustainable financial resource.

“We were into music production and couldn’t sell our music and make real money,” he said. “We tried Spotify, Apple Music and a few others and couldn’t make a decent income. We run a web and graphic design studio so we used that to create the first version of Loudar. We started on the web version of that and started looking for partners and sponsors and met a guy from a company called Australian Innovation Centre who invested a significant amount of money into this platform.”

Artists are encouraged to upload their music videos to the site and from there, fans are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite song with a greater percentage of money to be paid to the people responsible for the music.

“Loudar is basically a video platform for music artists,” Mac said. “It is really hard to sell music these days so based on that we came up with this idea and platform to change the way artists get paid. For example, with Spotify for 10,000 streams people are making $55 and to generate the same income with Loudar you need 110 people to vote on a video. The way we have done it is you have people upload a video to the platform then they share the video through friends, family, social media etc and if someone votes for that video it costs them $1. The artist will get a minimum of 50 cents from that so it is a huge income opportunity for the artists. The money is coming directly from the fans and their vote so it is a slightly different model to Spotify but we think we can change something in the market.”

While the financial rewards are there for the musicians, fans also have the chance to benefit from their votes and participation.

“This platform is not only for artists but also for the fans,” Mac stressed. “The video is a new way of consuming music than people are used to. At the moment we are starting in the beta stage but once we are up and running we are going to get a lot of videos up and lots of traffic. People will be able to consume that music but they will be able to see the film clip as well. Fans are able to communicate with the artists and the other way around so artists can say thank you to the fans for their direct support. There are ways to exchange comments and set up messages and provide general interaction. We have also introduced monthly competitions with prize money of $2000 but we aim to increase rewards as we generate more money with another goal of digitalising the concept down the track. While January’s competition has already begun submissions are open until 23 January so there is plenty of time to become involved.”

While improvements and modifications on the way music is consumed and financed are common in the modern music industry, Mac believes Loudar will have long term value and respect with its target audience.

“We believe we will be able to change things,” he said. “We want to change the way artists and fans get paid. The only way to make money is streaming which doesn’t offer much. You can try with labels but almost 50% of musicians in Australia are independent artists and this number is growing. People are stepping back from labels because they don’t deliver. Previously artists had the option to sell a physical product but we think Loudar can replace all of that in some way. Loudar gives the talented artist the chance to be seen and discovered as well as start to generate the income from the direct fan support. It’s like a virtual talent show mixed with online busking, where the artist uploads the music video and the audience/fans can support their talent by ‘donating’ a $1 Vote on their favourite video with a minimum of 50% from each vote going to the artist’s account.”

For more information visit loudar.com

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