Loose Kid Turns Dreams to Action

LKI is a Queensland action sports and lifestyle clothing brand inspired by wheels and watersports. Since its inception in 2007, LKI (Loosekid Industries) has embraced the action sports arena with lifestyle and technical products, as well as ongoing support for athletes, teams and sports spectators. Brand creator and owner Jason Daniel talks to Amanda Gorman for Blank GC about how he turned a passion for action sports into a popular Australian and international clothing brand.

Tell us how LKI came about: what motivated you to start it and how did it happen?

I grew up racing Motocross, rode BMX, surfed and anything that involved lifestyle action sports and having fun. When LKI came about it was actually just a word “Loosekid” we used as kind of a saying of the month growing up, it then stuck and everyone was saying it. I had my friends saying I should turn this word into a brand. I personally didn’t think too much of it at the time! But my brothers Ben and Nick, mum Marisa, friends and I would always talk about turning it into a brand, it got to the point where I didn’t want to buy clothes from the shop anymore and wanted wear my own.  In 2007 I kind of just knew this is what I wanted to do and actually thought this might help pay for my racing career. I was 20 years old and in 2007 I was a 2nd year apprentice carpenter, by 2010 I had finished my apprenticeship getting off the tools. LKI had turned full time and I could focus 120% on my vision, we haven’t looked back. Now stocked in over 350 stores around Australia, including some of the biggest chain stores in Aus such as City Beach. We have stockists internationally in the UK, Taiwan & NZ. Including our online store that ships internationally around the world. We have a group of world class athletes across Wheels & Water, with a social media following of over 230K.

Your Mum is a big supporter of you, can you tell us how your mum has backed you over the journey?

Yes she is a huge supporter and still works in the company today, I was quite young at the time and how most companies start from a passion for something, but I had no idea how to actually start a business and starting out you need money, I was able to get a small loan from her to start and had her full support along the journey!

A friend of yours Harley Quinlan was terribly injured in an accident leaving him paralysed.  LKI raised funds to support him and his dreams moving forward. Can you tell us about this?

Yes Harley was a great friend of mine pushing to become a professional racer, after having a large accident and becoming a paraplegic. We created a range to help raise funds raising over $20k for him, we had another friend and athlete Darcy Ward have the same accident in Europe last year. We were able to help raise over $10K in a couple weeks from a tee shirt we created.

Why do you think it is important to support the next generation of junior athletes?

Our vision is the Live You lifestyle. Supporting the next generation of junior athletes and advocates is super important to us at LKI, we all have to start somewhere and if we can be a part of the journey from the start it’s a really good feeling seeing them achieve their goals.

You can check out the ranges at lkibrand.com


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