Now this is a turnout. Folks milling all over the place. Three Goldy bands and some Sunny boys are tonight’s entertainment. Not THE Sunnyboys of course but some boys from up the Sunny Coast way. Great to be  linking up with the northern brotherhood, though it would be good to see some more sisters up there rocking things out.

Local lads ARALUNA BEAGLEhell I keep forgetting to ask them what that means- kick things off. Five mates from the southern end of the coast getting in the groove. I’ve seen them a few times and they are sounding pretty damn fine. A bit more upbeat than I recall perhaps, with their psych rock, grunge tones. Even a bit of a western-desert twang in there. Nice.You gotta love a song with the title, No Dramas in the Bahamas. Well as long as you stay clear of the Bermuda Triangle.

The oddly named BUCK DEAN AND THE GREEN LIPS – forgot to ask them about that too- have journeyed down the coast and are loving it here. This hard rocking foursome “have been likened to a love child of Tom Petty and Jet”. Ironically, coincidentally, their third single is titled Fighter Jets due for release in a few weeks. Deep chugging blues and a gravely voice claiming “Paranoia is your friend”. The banging, rapid fire finale Bang Bang is a ripper. Welcome to the GC boys. Brent tells me they are itching to come back.

The surf punk trio, RADOLESCENT, stride on stage dressed as ‘Men of the Cloth” in homage to their mates up next. Holy Moly. I think they sang something about holy water which would be fitting enough. Teenager, Hollywood, or is that Holy Wood? Black Cat, my favourite kind. Questions, “All I want is answers”. Chilling Cold Blood and the lovingly titled Fuku. And round it out with a chuffing Winnie Blues as their priestly collars are torn off. Must of been damn hot with those bloody things on. But I should not cuss on this Holy night. “Up beat and charmingly messy”. Bless.

Headliners TRAPDOOR are launching their new single Holy Truth. So that’s what all this holiness stuff is all about. The five guys look ridiculously, absolutely fabulous in their Nun’s habits. Must have been as hot as hades under all that paraphernalia. I was taught by the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ (mercy me) and wish they were a smidgen as much fun. They were some tough arse bitches them sisters. Respect and all but I don’t recall any humour. The Brothers and Priests got away with a hell of a lot more. There’s some bad-arse voodoo shit going down here as Tim growls, howls and preaches. Hobo Toad is more upbeat in that “Roll baby roll” kinda way. There’s Ghouls and Witches and some maniacal cackling. The dark and diabolical new single Holy Truth. The clever Hi Ho Silver and Gold and finishing the gritty sermon with Madeline.

I feel like I’ve been taken to the river. Fire and brimstone. Damnation, salvation and redemption.


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