Live review: SUAVÉ the show | Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub

SUAVÉ the show delivers glam in spades at the hottest new entertainment venue on the Gold Coast.

Forget the beaches, Gold Coast is quickly becoming Cabaret City. The last few years have seen troupe after troupe of national and international performers bend, fly, pirouette and sing their way across a slew of Gold Coast stages. But it was Strut n Fret’s Blanc de Blanc that really got the entire city buzzing – so much so, that we wouldn’t let it leave! Gold Coast audiences just couldn’t get enough. And since that absolutely world class production finally moved on, well, nothing else has dazzled us to quite the same degree. Until now, that is.

Rescuing us all from the post-Blanc doldrums is the fun and flirty SUAVÉ, the all-original Vegas-style cabaret show showing six – yes, count ‘em – six times per week, every week, at the brand new and utterly fabulous Pink Flamingo in Broadbeach. It’s a cirque show, a mind-bending contortion display, a dance and aerial revue, a concert, and comedy night, all rolled into one thoroughly entertaining, pink champagne-coloured, slightly steamy two hour affair.

The brainchild of enterprising Aerial Angels founder Sue Porrett and influential GC nightlife entrepreneur Tony Riga, SUAVÉ was always going to be top shelf. But it’s just so much damn fun, that I struggled to even take notice of the kind of production details that reviewers are supposed to comment on. And that’s called entertainment, folks.

But for the interested parties: The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub set up is a fairly small round stage set amongst lavish pink surroundings, creating a unique, up close boutique viewing experience for guests who are seated at booths or small round tables (we were basically seated at the bottom step of the stage – things get pretty intimate!) The show backdrop is a 20-metre LED screen upon which visuals are projected throughout the night, and the whole shebang is topped off with a state-of-the-art music system. It’s a quality setup.

There are no slow points in the show, but there are highlights. Zion and Poppy are an Australian acrobatic double act who take on the role of MCs, general clowns, and have a pretty gobsmacking acrobatic move of their own – one that is not currently performed by any other act in Australia. (We’d love to tell you, but you’re probably better off seeing it yourself!) Funny and versatile, they keep things ticking along beautifully.

The impossibly attractive Stephen Williams, or “Bath Boy”, as he will now forever be known, gets things a little… wet, shall we say, while Jordan McKnight‘s astonishing contortion routine made us squirm in our seats. But the majority of our gasps were elicited by the jaw-dropping pole act by Russian acrobats Marat and Olga. Next level doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Overall, the entire cast is clearly a hand-picked crew of high level entertainment professionals who bring 110% the whole way through, as well as a touch of their own personalities. Note: The show is 18+ (boobs!)

The Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub itself is as much as part of the show as the cast. Painstakingly designed, it delivers all the glamour of a high end nightclub (which it turns into from 11pm) while still retaining the colourful, showy buzz of a big top. And it’s all yours, Gold Coast, from Wednesday to Saturday, all year round.

Get amongst it here, and check out the gallery below.

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