Live Review: Rolls Bayce + PYNES + Emerson Snowe, The Foundry, Thursday 10 November 2016

In the two years that Rolls Bayce have been around, they have managed to share stages with the likes of Bluejuice, John Steel Singers, Holy Holy, Jeremy Neale and Gung Ho. Which is thanks to the experience of their members, Dean McGrath (Hungry Kids Of Hungary), James Wright (Millions) and Neal Apel (Panng!) who have all been a part of some serious local acts.

A small but appreciative crowd slowly made their way to the front of the stage to hear the psychedelic, distorted guitar riffs that are accompanied with a Rolls Bayce show. Since their self-titled debut EP was released in 2014, the trio have been rather quiet, only releasing two songs between then and now, so I knew I was going to be hearing a lot of new music.

They opened with Mutate, a slower starting song that builds up into a heavy chorus with a hard hitting guitar riff. The small crowd of punters up the very front were already in full swing, singing all the lyrics back to the band and banging their heads to the beat of the song. After informing the crowd that they have pretty terrible stage banter and prefer to keep it to a minimum they got stuck into a bunch of new material, including a track that they had only just finished writing that day.

They played a mix of old and new tracks, slipping their only release from 2015, Lost, in there for good measure, along with arguably their best track to date, Inside Out. This upbeat track is their newest piece of work and certainly got feet moving around the room. One of the standout tracks from the night, which was introduced as “Our longest song”, showcased not only their lyrical and vocal talent, but the instrumental skills of all three of the Rolls Bayce lads.

They finished the set off with some well known tracks from their first release, On My Own and Don’t Get Me Wrong, which had the crowd jamming along to every word and every riff.

With the arsenal of fresh new tunes they showcased, it’s safe to say that Rolls Bayce are destined for big things in 2017. Keep an ear out for their psychedelic, soul infused brand of rock over the next couple of years.

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