Live review and gallery: MUERTOS | Dracula’s Cabaret, Broadbeach

It’s our favourite time of year. Partly because it’s summer, and partly because it’s around this time that long-running theatre cabaret Dracula’s releases its new shows, and in this reviewer’s opinion, they’ve just dropped their best to date. MUERTOS brings the Mexican dead back to life for an evening of irreverent, unholy hilarity, punctuated with booty-shaking, latin-inspired musical numbers and intense aerial and acrobatic feats.

They say death and taxes are the two inevitable human experiences, but I would add sex to that list. And let’s just say there weren’t any taxes in MUERTOS, mmkay? Whether I’m getting older or the Drac’s shows are getting significantly saucier I’m not really sure, but rest assured, if you come to MUERTOS, you’d want to be going home at the end of the night with someone you’re not related to. Or you know, whatever floats your boat. It’s kind of ‘anything goes’ at Dracula’s, especially after a few bloody cocktails.

The creepy little touches were present as always; the spooky coaster, eye-popping décor, homicidal chainsaw-wielding maniac racing through the crowds, oversized glow-in-the-dark penises (this seems to be becoming a theme) and wonderfully rude staff. Having worked in hospitality myself in a previous life, I imagine it must be incredibly freeing to be able to tell your customers to shut up, and have a shit night. (‘Tap or toilet?’ our server asked when we requested water).

Of course it’s the people who can make or break a dinner theatre experience, and Dracula’s owners, the Newman family, certainly know how to hire and cast for their venue. We enjoyed having two of the hilarious female cast members (Sarah Douch as ‘Zorra’ and Amber Dawn-Finch as ‘Pandora’ – both excellent vocalists also) lead the pre-show banter, and the show’s explosive opening number of ‘Nails Hair Hips Heels’ by Todrick Hall was the perfect vehicle for the fabulous Inia Dewar (‘Coco’) to strut his considerable stuff. The live band component was comprised of versatile drummer / musician Tomi ‘Splinter’ Gray and returning axe-wielder Viola ‘Vendetta’ Sykes, who got ample opportunity to showcase her impressive guitar solo chops.

The slow-burn aerial and acrobatic acts by ‘Miss Skopalova’ throughout were basically faultless in both choreo and performance, and her early duo with acrobat and comedian Bray ‘Guapo’ Buenrostro was as close as you can get to having sex on stage without actually having sex on stage. Actually it was our pick for favourite act of the night, because we’re perverts. What else can we say without giving it all away? Just go and check it out. It’s a killer.

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